The different gateways on Bitshares blockchain

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A lot of people have been using bitshares exchange but still don't know much about it and its different gateways. Some call it bitshares exchange, some call it bitshares Blockchain, but whatever you call it,bitshares is the bomb.

The first thing you need to understand is that bitshares is a Blockchain and one the biggest and busiest Blockchain in the world, second to Steem.

Bitshares was built by Dan Larimer, the creator of steem and eos. Although Bitshares has extremely low volume, but it's future is really bright because investors will soon see the value of this Blockchain that currently controls over 20% of cryptocurrency transaction worldwide.

From what I've said so far, you must have known that bitshares is a Blockchain already, just in case you didn't know. but what is used for?

There are currently over 8 decentralized exchanges (or gateways as some people call it) built on this Blockchain, they include:

Now note: you don't need to register on each of them separately, just one bitshares account gives you access to the rest.

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If you decide to get a lifetime membership on bitshares Blockchain, just let me know so I'll give you back 30% of your upgrade fee.

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Thanks for the list!

@samstickkz Not an exchange directly but a multi currency crypto wallet build on the BitShares Blockchain is . With the Payger Wallet you can also trade on the DEX and buy/sell the most popular BitShares assets from the BitShares DEX.

Here's a new one for you.

This one is my favorite because they have a fully functional fiat on/off-ramp, account password recovery system, profit sharing, and much more coming.

Then there's the new gateway from BitSpark which should launch very soon. This will be primarily used by the Money Transmitter Offices that are a part of the BitSpark remittance network, but anyone will be able to use the gateway.

Bonus: this will also act as a fiat on/off-ramp in select countries with active BitSpark MTO's.

Yes I've read a little about easydex, will read more about it later tonight and more on spark.....

Thanks you for always feeding me with these information @kimchi-king

I considering buying the lifetime membership on bts. How do I receive your 30% rebate?