[GIVEAWAY] Bitshares polo and t-shirt up for grabs to celebrate smashing bugs

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Today, Bitshares had an availability crisis. The entire network halted due to a latent bug in the bitasset code that was triggered from a specifically formed transaction. This halting of the network was a first for Bitshares 2.0. The witness team came together and even @dantheman showed up to write a patch, in order to pull together and recover from this issue. With all of this wonderful collaboration, I think the community deserves a prize! So I am going to give away two of my BTS shirts that were given to me back in 2014 at Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas. The shirts available are as follows:

BTS Polo

Size: Men's L

BTS T-shirt

Size: Men's L


Reply below asking for the "polo" or "t-shirt" in order to be entered in the raffle! I'll load all of the entrants into a list and use a random number generator to select the winner for each. Contest ends when this post is paid out, and the shirts will ship shortly thereafter to the winners.


Please gift me the T-shirt

I WANT BOTH OF THESE. And as Rob knows, I've been in perpetual envy of them as he wears them frequently whenever he comes to my house . . . effectively teasing me. Gyah. As much as I'd love to take both of these by force in a caveman state of mind, I'd like them to go to someone else that busts ass to help support the Bitshares project as a whole.

Killer initiative, Rob! I'm gonna be sad not seeing you wear these shirts anymore, but hell, I think they will do more for the greater good on other bodies. We, collectively, are this, so yeah, help others board the ship! Killing it!

So many OG hardcore nerds wanting this! @virtualgrowth, @nepd, @robertdurst10, @ericrumor, @barrydutton, damn!

This is a hard call, dude. What're you using to generate the random number?

I haven't looked yet, there are many PRNGs I could use and write a little script for. Maybe random on python?

I decided to look around and found this stuff:



Those are internet hyper websites that are designed to relay information to you through a display, you can observe them by using your mouse device to move a pointer over the colored text and then click on them. When you do that, you will be presented with information about the topic at hand, which is not how to make pizza dough or sandwiches of any sort.

I rolled my own script for it. :)

shirt - Resteemed

You are a dude I'm watching, I wanna see what you produce. Young, driven, and intelligent.

Thanks @matt-a :)

T shirt!

Thanks for the chance.

Perfect t-shirt

I need this one!!!
Will represent Bitshares here :)

Polo or t-shirt same for me :) But gonna wear this non-stop ,every single day!!!

Plz be mine :)

black t-shirt :)

great offer @robrigo, thanks, I'm always up for cool free T-shirts! :D lol

Perfect t-shirt and Thanks for the chance.

Very nice polo shirt 👍
Although his outfit since 2014 but as new 😊😊




good master @robrigo

Restemeed T-shirt......

I like the bitshares t-shirt. Please consider this my entry. nice giveaway!

I am not a man but would love to win a t-shirt!

The T-Shirts looks really good to be honest.
I love the design and the clean cool blue logo.
Thank you :)

i want this t-shirt :)

I'd like the T-Shirt!

If I have one, I definitely would put on it.

Thanks for sharing! Some info and a link to your post were included in the Steem.center wiki page about Bitshares. Thanks and good luck again!

t-shirt! Thanks

I like the polo ;)

Nice t-shirt. I love those t-shirt :)

The t-shirts look great. Liked the third one the most. Thanks for the gift :)

I'm not gunna enter to win one, bit big for me, but very cool! That t-shirt is snazzy

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!

Oh no, Rob!

I still have another bitshares shirt for myself Ann!!!

Just wanted to share the others with people that will appreciate them- and I'm trying to have less possessions in my life.

I was under the impression that you were giving them all away, didn't know you had more. That's good then! Looks like they are claimed too, that was fast haha

I need crypto shirts badly to promote what I believe in. I wear only stuff basically now that fits that part of my mindset!

give those tshirts to homeless people, guys here dont even need clothes, do some good!

How do you know there aren't homeless people here?

I'll take the t-shirt..Polo loos a bit wrinkled..lol. Medium plz

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I need one that t-shirt for use....
Success to you @robrigo....