Bitshares — New website update (Part 7)

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Hello Everyone!

Here are the new website changes for Bitshares, Part 7. Those of you who are good copywriting skills, please send over your thoughts. We need help in this area.

Bitshares Website

Here are the latest changes and improvements:

  1. We have replaced the home content boxes with flippable ones.
  2. We have changed the content on each box to be more informative and compelling as to what Bitshares can do.

Here's what we will be working on in the next few days:

  1. We will keep improving the wording of the home page to be more engaging. Your suggestions are welcomed.
  2. We are also working on a language drop down button.

Again, thanks for your support and your constructive criticism. Don't forget to follow me so that you can be notified when new changes are submitted.


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It would be greatly appreciated. :-)


As noted by we can help, as we seek mutual support for our Bitshares activity in Thailand.

Taking a look now, I can see the following:

This sentence is far too long for readability and SEO. As a suggestion only, I’ve tried breaking it into 3:


"BitShares is a technology supported by next generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers with a common interest in finding free market solutions by leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making.


BitShares is a technology supported by next generation entrepreneurs, investors, and developers. All have a common interest in finding free market solutions. BitShares delivers by leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision-making.

Good suggestion. I have just updated the website with the new wording. Thanks!!!

nice information, thank you :)

Thanks! :)

Love it. Not a fan of the font used for 'industrial scalability' however

I just changed the font. Thanks for your suggestions!

Can I suggest to change the main tagline and sub-tagline


First public blockchain with built-in stack of financial services for development of trading and banking solutions

I have changed the main tag as you suggested. The sub-tagline, please rewrite. Thanks!

@richcg - We can help! But we also need your help! We are currently expanding bitshares network in Thailand... since you are involved with the website, is there any chance that you know someone who is interested to point our Bitshares seed node for a subdomain ?
If can please contact account @britcoins or @murda-ra for further talk, and regarding website, we can do mockup for ui/ux fixes if you want :)

Bitshares and BEYOND!!!

@richcg - on behalf of, as web developer working/sitting next to css ninja freak, few points/suggestions:

You can click for larger image.

Everything else you've done awesome... Nothing more to be done, except to enlarge buttons (Exchange, Download and in header).... to small man :)

Keep up the good work.



It's great to see this project moving forward!

Re-steemed, upvoted, and commented! I'm a big supporter of BTS now as I work to accumulate more for my portfolio. #bitshares #blockchain #beyondbitcoin #trading #blog

Thank you, very much!

Can you put an approximate date on when it will be finished?

Soon. Maybe next week.

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