Bitshares on wikipedia!

in bitshares •  10 months ago


Hello steemians!

A little over a month ago I have started working on getting Bitshares to the fifth most visited website on the Internet and now I am proud to announce that the wikipedia page for Bitshares is live and can be found at !

I also want to propose a worker for its improvement and maintenance, feel free to discuss it here:,25419.0.html

I hope you like it and beleive it will help this amazing platform get more exposure.

Go Bitshares!

Comment and resteem, spread the word!


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Thank you Ravid for your great work! A BitShares Wikipedia article was long overdue!!


G'day, @chris4210 - I'm an Egyptian poet, author of 7 books, and fairly new to Steemit :) I hope I can interest you in my work, here, on Immigration, Inspiration, Fiction, Sex & Birds

May you enjoy this sampler & I wish you continued success!


Good going and nicely done!