Graphene Ecosystem Mapping

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To everybody involve in the Blockchain space (entrepreneurs, investors, professionnals, educators, enthusiasts), I personally consider there are 3 main ecosystems in the Blockchain space: Bitcoin Ecosystem, Ethereum Ecosystem, Graphene Ecosystem

The third one is little known in the industry. It's Powering Bitshares Blockchain, Steem Blockchain, PeerPlays Blockchain and Golos Blockchain.  As of March 3, 2017,  here is a mapping of the Graphene Ecosystem.

Please feel free to comment or add any Blockchain project currently being powered by Graphene. The future of Blockchains may be lied in parallelism.

You can grab the mapping here: 

Want to know more?  Graphene Documentation  |  Community Hangout.


Where is MUSE?

Muse is dead.

Are you sure? Cob is still posting on Slack.

Very cool to see all this progress from the original Bitshares team! I still believe that it's Bitshares time to shine!

Thanks for sharing! This is really cool and useful to look at.

This !
Thank you

I also recommend btsabc as DEX and DACPLAY as Graphene application

Missing BTSABC from DEX section.

@cm-steem. Yes, will review and add BTSABC in Dex. Thks for the info.

Thanks for mentioning btsabc.

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

"3 main ecosystems in the Blockchain space: Bitcoin Ecosystem, Ethereum Ecosystem, Graphene Ecosystem" ... in terms of being capitalized ... yes the first 2, correct, and Graphene seems to handle the 'load' best. But NXT/Ardor is near even in dev. ETH has several notable, and independent, clones ... ETC, UBQ, EXP. And the rest will likely not prosper, because the 'ecosystem' field is very crowded. LSK, XEM, Strat and further down the line.

Awesome, Thanks a lot for this!

Are there any efforts to use graphene tech for smart contracts? It would be of so much benefit to have the built in governance systems of bts and speed 100x faster than alternatives for execution of turing complete scripts.

Thanks for the Souncloud audios in the Beyond Bitcoin Community!

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