BitFest 2018 Amsterdam

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Wow! BitShares and Graphene!

@onceuponatime with @stan the "godfather" of bitshares

The world is about to be our oyster!

Bill Butler, coordinator of the BitShares UI (user interface) team


People came from far and wide

Jerry Liu came from Shanghai

and, below, from left to right:

Moscow, Shanghai, Moscow, Virginia, Shanghai



Those in the know could be heard discussing

a kind of "middle chain",

somehow uniting Eos and BitShares,

releasing on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5th:

l to r: @stan, moi, Dan Notestein, Lana, Mrs. Notestein

Those are some knowing smiles if you ask me :-)


Now, you don't need to say anything,

'cause I know,

that despite the vastness of some of the perspectives presented


The Godfather of bitshares

Rocket scientist, Godfather of bitshares, Stan Larimer

Stole the show!

I mean, look to his right, on the screen...

Pigs? In space?.......What the....?


But, hey, I was there too!

yup, that's me with the Godfather

And though I may not steal any show,

nor be a hotshot developer, coder, or rocket scientist, I can make my plain jane cell phone camera, when in Amsterdam, evoke a Van Gogh! Who knew I was so talented? LoL

a Van Gogh leaped out of my camera!


And, if I ever need a getaway car

I now know where to find it!!!

future onceuponagetawaycar?


Before I go

Let me leave you with some pictorial thoughts from deep in the heart of Amsterdam:


Optimized-Amster8IMG_20180920_223114 (1).jpg






Finally, what are those darn X's all about anyway?


Optimized-AmsterXXX2IMG_20180921_134737 (1).jpg


ouzo and out,

OptimizedSmall-BitFest2IMG_20180922_113436 (1).jpg



thanks for sharing! do you know if there will be video recordings of the various talks posted anywhere? would love to watch some!

@stan's talk has been recorded and is available in this post:

Bitshares... MAKE things happen! 😉

(source for picture:

These ones they have in Amsterdam too:



I am following the developments with Bitshares and the entire dynasty very closely. @stan is sharing a lot of information in his group while Jared is working hard on breakthroughs that will set the g-men on their ears.

Thanks for the pics from the festivities....fortunately there are a lot more announcements to come.

Well, it's nice to know that (some) people are paying attention!!!

I feel bad for not having had time for a chat with you! Friday I couldnt make it and on saturday I had to rush out back home to prep for the pancakes on Sunday. As my GF is waiting our lil own hardfork pt 2 I am also a bit home-bound.

Until the next one!

Oh, congratulations on the hard fork!!!!!

We will meet soon I am sure.

Now I really need to see what this bitshares means that is so important to you (maybe for me, but I do not know yet). Thanks for the promotion. I think you can handle the camera much better than Van Gogh would do! Maybe your photo will become as valuable as "Sunflower" ...

Once in a blue moon for @bluemoon, an opportunity like bitshares comes along.

I really do not understand bitshares. To the best of my knowledge, it is a decentralized exchange. 😶 please, if you will...

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Those X's, are looking like freemason symbolism to me. Quick google and seems to be a long standing connection ... 1879 and further

Disclaimer: I'm not a freemason. I was once invited, and declined. I do not know the password or secret handshake :-D

They seem to have even penetrated into my hotel! It's getting spooky :)


I personally believe BTS might stay separated from EOS! Coz the world will need an alternative to BTC!I mean a powerful alternative to BTC!


Lol, Butler looks like a 70's detective, :) wish I could have gone. Thanks for the update.

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Well, I don't know. But a pretty good time was 7 years ago (that's when I started).

Sir, what do you think,
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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Looks like an awesome event!
Hope you had a great time and this onceuponagetawaycar looks hilarious :D

I'll bet you could wear it (the onceuponagetawaycar) with style!

How was it to see Mr Payger in person? Did you guys interact? Was he afraid of you? :D

I was looking for your "introduce yourself" post but I couldn't find one :)
You could always do it right here.

Having fun guys? Looks Cool, images are a bit blurry.

"images are a bit blurry"
What can i say? It's Amsterdam. I've been drinking.

Cool @onceuponatime. From the photo, The event was definitely a success.

great !! I wish you had spend very nice time there..
ps This car does not fit you... the jeep is much better!! :))))

It's great that you had a good time on this trip. I've also wanted to meet Stan. Maybe someday I will attend this event. Btw, I like the getawaycar :D Can we drift around the streets of Amsterdam in it? :P

This seems to be a great event for bitshares. Any big news coming from the team or some hard fork?

congratulation to you. my friend

so it seems you had a great great time here! And you took some photos with the "celebrities" or were the one that stole the show! :P

You were with the godfathers. I think you should be called goduncle too

I doubt that onceuponagetawaycar can run 80km/hour

Lovely work sir

I can't believe I just saw five cities in one picture, Moscow, Shanghai, Moscow, Virginia, Shanghai, you guys are legends @Stan there wow, it must have been really thrilling

Great fun time there awesome that you attended that nice to check it out :) awesome shots

I think you had a great time there, as I can see you had the chance to meet many members of the bitshares community... I hope and believe that bitshares decentralized exchange will play a significant role in future financial system...

muy buen articulo amigo

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