About to say "au revoir" to Amsterdam...

in #bitshares3 years ago

...some final impressions of my week here


in Amsterdam for BitFest:


How could I ever forget that beyond incredible dinner


fellow Canadians @steem-samiam and husband Lloyd


treated me to in the revolving restaurant


atop of this building overlooking Amsterdam.

AmsterDinner1Optimized-AmsterScene7IMG_20180920_223341 (1).jpg


And BitFest wasn't all "work", LoL!


As I hope you will see

my hotel

in some of these shots


that I captured


during walks

those triple X's again!

and bus,


taxi rides,


and canal cruises.


Oh, those canal cruises!





See you soon in Greece.
ouzo and out,


Great place, where to next?

Wow really very nice photography and having fun .

Wow that is great travel experience. the good enjoy and really photography.
Thanks sir
have a great day.

Movenpick. Do they give free ice cream?

Not free. But it is good!

Yes, it's good. :-)

Wow.......😻😱 very very wonderful place....and lovely photoshoot...my dear friend onceuponatime... Really i love your photography......📷

Wish you a safe journey and yeah those photography are so stunning!


à bientôt it says in Reply ;)
The painting was sure an awesome piece of work

Well you sure are taking some nice memories along with you and next comes the Greece ;)

Despite the beauty of Amsterdam, I am like 99,999999% sure that you miss Loutraki crazily much ;)

The way you reflect Bitshares through pictures is amazing, sir.

did you eventually get the answers you were looking for about the triple Xs ???

This painting is very beautiful . Great travel experiance . I hope you enjoy your journey . Thanks for sharing @onceuponatime

Beautiful, cool. Safe trip home @onceuponatime.

Wonderful city!!!! Good return to Greece, we expect more impressions from the festival and Amsterdam!!! :)

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I am so glad to see you safe and sound during this trip!
But some of your photos are a cause for concern!
Dare I say that you were rather tipsy while taking some photos!
Your spinning dinner and wine had the better of you!
Such fun!

Wow! Beautiful photography and very fun to enjoy even though it's not as beautiful as BitFest, Lol.

Cruising all the way there awesome time you have spent :D

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