[BeyondBit Bounties] BitShares Open Source Hangout Needs Open Source Intro & Outro! [Rewards Worth 1300 SBD!]

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1500 Beyondbit Token (worth $1200) in Rewards

1st Place: 800 Beyondbit(@fuzzyvest) / 100 WhaleShare (@officialfuzzy)

2nd Place: 500 Beyondbit (@fuzzyvest) / 50 WhaleShare (@officialfuzzy)

3rd Place: 300 Beyondbit (@fuzzyvest) / 25 WhaleShare (@officialfuzzy)

Winners will be picked in 1 week!

All Serious Entries Win Something!

The Vision of Beyond Bitcoin

The Vision of BeyondBitcoin Hangout Series is to give communities a voice to speak about their favorite projects in the blockchain and disruptive tech space. But more than that we have always aimed to be community sourced and grass roots in a world where you have to pay to even be noticed within media. Though as we grow, the grass roots methodologies have some limitations, we believe that enabling scaling on an individual community basis unlocks scaling potential! For this reason @officialfuzzy and a small band of avid block-explorers have continued working on building tools to help communities grow. Because noone cares how great your blockchain tech is, if it has no community (or just as bad a disempowered and apathetic one), your cryptocurrency cannot flourish longterm.

With these tools we started out humbly enabling BitShares, then Steem, then WhaleShares and now are planning coverage of EOS and much more. But this means we need to enable more people and incentivize more crypto savvy content creators to be part of something they can belong to, help build and benefit from in a synergistic union. This is where you come in...

You are invited to participate in helping see this Vision Manifest

There are many tasks behind the scenes with coordinating initiatives, devising new conceptual designs for tools needing made and trying to support multiple communities. As Beyond Bitcoin and its allies grow so too will these tasks grow in number and size. However, these tasks do not even account for another kind of work that is often overlooked by those looking in from the outside--reading/responding to messages, coordinating to fix bugs, solving disputes between community members and the list goes on and on.

It is also inefficient for me to do everything on my own. I and my small band of helpers will not be able to forever shoulder the requirements of beyondbitcoin alone, so it only make sense to begin crowdsourcing work from qualified members of the community in areas where Beyondbit and WhaleShare tokens can help reward. They are quite powerful tools after all...even at a supressed Steem marketcap. But they are not nearly as valuable if I do not leverage them to mine the Gold from this Community!

I do this for community endeavors I believe are worth my resources. And BitShares Open Source Hangouts are chief among these priorities. Again...this is where people like you come in. ;)

What are BeyondBits and WhaleShares?

Beyondbits give @officialfuzzy a power similar to the Whaleshares token we started thanks to delegation from @blocktrades only a little over 1 month ago. As whaleshares has quickly become one of the most vibrant and flourishing communities in cryptocurrency because of this token, it has become time for me to start testing a new token in preparation for "The Great Unleashing," when the whaleshares platform is open to multiple whales on Steem. So I now can begin giving my on personal upvote tokens to helpers in much the same way WhaleShares benefit the community. And since I have some whaleshares too, maybe we will see a few winners of those in here as well!

Its Contest Time for all Audio Mixers, Musicians and Editors!

We are using 1500 Beyondbit tokens to reward the top 3 intros and outros for BitShares Open Source Hangouts! What follows are the Rules of this competition:


Make the Intro / Outro


  • Intro Length must be 45-90sec
  • Outro Length must be 60-90sec


  • Must be Human (or convince me it is)
  • Must be in Intro
  • Optional to have Voice in the Outro (but done well could be a clencher)

Intro Content

  • Must begin with "Welcome to BeyondBitcoin, Open-Source BitShares Hangouts."
  • Must give date and time every week for hangouts (Friday starting @1:00pm UTC)
  • Must tell others to follow BitShares tag on Steemit
  • Must tell others to follow @officialfuzzy
  • Must tell listeners to find the weekly Bitshares Open Source Hangout OPEN AGENDA post to participate in discussion and RSVP a topic/proposal
  • Must quickly mention ALL of the following BitShares Key features and selling points for BitShares:
    -- Enterprise Scalability
    -- Fastest Decentralized Exchange in the World
    -- Competing for the Fastest Blockchain in cryptocurrency
    -- Create and trade your own Cryptographically secure cryptocurrency with User Issued Assets (UIAs)
    -- Build and trade Custom Smartcoins based on World Class Financial Smart Contracts
    -- Define and trade Market Pegged Assets (MPA's) that track the price of real world investment vehicles freeing from exposure to Middle Man risk.
    -- Work for the Chain based on Votes by Community!
    -- Self-governance and Separations of Power built in!

Acceptable Formats:

  • .wav
  • .ogg
  • .mp3


  • You will use music and cite it along with its license -- Royalty Free music, Creative Commons (cited as per license) and original work.
  • You will, by participating, license BeyondBitcoin Network to use this work as its own.




Add Intro and Outro to Latest Hangout


Upload to SoundCloud


Make a Post to Steem with a link to your uploaded content with the subject "My BitShares Hangout Intro/Outro" and Link to your post in the comments below!

STEP 6 (optional)

Listen to the Latest Raw and Unedited Version of our Hangout

BeyondBits are powerful tokens worth upvotes on Steem, but you need to use BitShares Wallet and follow the instructions on WhaleShares.Net! So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your steem posts!

Download BitShares Wallet

During the Week you can find us in Our 24/7 WhaleShares Server! (preferably the Adult Swim VOIP)

And of Course you can join Our EOStalk Discord

How to Join the Beyond Bitcoin Mumble where BitShares and Steem were born!

Step 1: Download Mumble Here

Step 2: Watch Setup Instructions

Step 3:

Enter the following information:

Label: BeyondBitcoin om
Port: 64738
Username: Enter your username
Password: w0rldCh@NG3rsUN!t3

All BeyondBitcoin (EOS) content is powered by the Steem blockchain so please join the new social media movement that enables Creative Commons content creators and Open Source developers to earn funding for participating in the community's growth and sustenance. Participate on EOStalk.io to earn Steem and WhaleShares and BeyondBit tokens that pay you and make you trend with backing whales' upvotes!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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First Person to Post Transcribe this post to Bitcointalk.org with a Rank of "Member"(60 post min) gets 100 beyondbits!

Post a with a "Hero" account you will get 150 Beyondbits.

Post with a "Legendary" account will receive 200 Beyondbits.


Sorry but what do you mean? Post is already in English what to transcribe?


Just posting it well formatted to bitcointalk :)


I'm only a newbie in bitcointalk because I rarely use them, so is that mean I can't join this mini competition fuz?


Good job bro


Please post mini competitions like this more, this time I was busy increasing post count lol

Hey @officialfuzzy, here is my entry for the contest:
There is a concluding sentence in the outro too at around the 51 minute mark.

I hope you enjoy listening! :D


loved it!


Glad you love it! Very excited to see, how the contest goes.


enjoyed it.


i must have the account the rewards need sent to!


The bitshares account ? - beanz-3na

I didn't follow the guidelines and probably got disqualified.

But this is what I would do. I figured the other audio should be said by the announcer before a show/hangout.


Yes sadly this disqualifies u. :/

Which is kind of crappy cause i bet your entry would be good 😂


Yeah. I just don't have enough time this summer. You know how it is!


i do...lol :)

GOOD !!!!


Yeah man!!! Just stay good


Great post,love the project and the vision you have,which will enable this community to potentially grow and develop in a way that benefits everyone involved.
Wish i could help some way but I'm new to steemit and cryptocurrencies and still learning things daily.


Good. U ARE helping by learning!

Nice post

That 's a very good idea!

hmm.. as far as I understood - it's all about yhe sound.. will U make another comp. but about graphics/video?

nice one..

nice move

I'm sooooooo going to enter this... even if I don't win, it's gonna be a blast hearing the entries!

In future, I hope the contest period can be 2 weeks though. That's the type of work I like to put into something.

I really should join this one.

Nice post!

good post!

Love this intiative ! It is whale efforts such as this that keep Steemit the BEST social platform to come and enjoy. Thank you so much @officialfuzzy, you have my upvote and rare re-steem - R.O.C.K. On . . .

Wow, that's some prize!! I guess many hidden gems will be found via this competition!

Competition on this will be fierce. Good luck everyone... can't wait to hear the new intro/outro!

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Great opportunities for all of the steemit's artits! :)


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Good for learning .. Up voted
Entire community will be benefited

i will join that new social media movement

So many cool projects, so little time! Look forward to seeing what comes of this

Music symbolizes something in a meaningful life▶◀

nice post...thanks for share.

this is nice.

WOW this is an awesome idea! You are awesome @OfficialFuzzy.

Nice post sir.I like.Follow back and

Good going dude..

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Lets work together.

I follow you,back me

Nice idea, I wish I can produce music. This community have all manner of talented people.. I believe it wont take time to get who and who can deliver on these targets.

:) follow me back @zuric

Good opportunity..

Nice post

nice post, Your posts are getting day, the more interesting to follow, I like your post, thak you for sharing. Success is always for you.

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Thanks for the very useful information @officialfuzzy
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Nice post .

Sup everyone!
Here's my first submission for the contest...


what is your bitshares addy?


BTS: Emailtooaj
Thanks Fuzzy!


I love it!

What is your bts addy?


Thank you so much! :)
I am still confused between bitshares and openledger. I have made an account on https://bitshares.openledger.info/
The address is: HRDKV
Hope this is what it is.