BitShares Bug Bounty Program is Live

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I'm happy to announce the website for the new BitShares bug bounty program is now live!

On the website, you'll find out how we're planning on rewarding security researchers (...hackers!) that spend time tracking down serious vulnerabilities and security concerns in the BitShares DEX ecosystem.

About 10 days ago, the worker proposal went live on the BitShares network, and it has started to accrue a working budget. The BitShares Blockchain Foundation was kind enough to escrow the funds for this worker, and I'll be coordinating with them and various project/repository leads to safely handle vulnerabilities and exploits as they are reported to us.

You'll also find more information on the steps we'll be taking to make things as transparent as possible, including an area for bug report summaries, rewards, and invoices. As the program is community-funded, you will be able to see who is receiving rewards and compensation.

Finally, keep an eye out for an easter egg or two hidden on the site.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on here or on Twitter.

-- Matt




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@netdragonx I would like to appreciate you for an awesome work. I have read your full post, its kindda seems a good project. Please keep it up. InshaAllah you will acheive your all goals. Keep it up!!

hats off to you.jpg

The concept of your project is very good. Its will be very beneficial for all the hackers an programmers around the whole world. Can an individual person take a part in this?? like I am a business graduate, I don't have any programming experience.....BTW good job!


Cool. I look forward to see the results.

This is good i like it...