Are we heading towards a DAG (Decentralized Autonomous Government)?

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I’m not sure what Satoshi’s full vision/grand plan exactly was when he created Bitcoin, it could have been solely to take down banks, or he could have had a grander vision to eventually decentralize the world in a provably fair way. Either way, blockchain technology has given us a way to achieve decentralization within government in a fully trustless and transparent manner. Stemming from the blockchain came a concept known as DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) also known as DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporation) originally coined by Daniel Larimer, which helps make this transition to a fairer and more transparent form of government possible.

A quick primer on DAO and how it works

To put it simply, DAO is essentially a decentralized company that self governs itself through the use of smart contracts. Smart contracts are simply agreements between two or more parties that automatically verifies the checklist of conditions and executes the agreed upon terms.

An example of a DAO would be Bitcoin.
Bitcoin has the following:

  • Product: It is a payment service (effectively eliminating the need for banks).
  • Shareholders: People that own bitcoin.
  • Revenues: The transaction fees.
  • Employees: The miners.
  • Liability/costs: The block reward paid to the miners is a form of inflation/dilution.
  • Customers: People that send and receive payment.

Another example would be Steemit. Though I’m not entirely sure what revenue model will be used once the user acquisition phase is complete. Could be ads, which wouldn’t be bad considering the ad revenue would flow directly to the shareholders (us).

The benefits of such a structure are enormous. One big advantage is that such a structure would be highly resistant to corruption since all actions within the system are transparent and audited. Another is the overhead. Since this is a self managed system (governed by the consensus), the need for management is very minimal.

How might it be used within government?

I believe the government is essentially run like a very large corporation. Whether it should be run that way or not is debatable, but one thing is for certain, if it is run like a company, then every shareholders (us) should all have an equal vote and should have a say in how it is run. As long as capitalism is at the root of the structure, the bottom line (equilibrium point) is always going to be about making the most amount of money.

For example:

Now here’s an organization that some might argue is in place to look out for the health and well being of the people. And I’m sure it probably started off with the best of intentions, but as long as the root driving force of the organism is money, the organism will opportunistically look for ways to redefine its goals.

Just look at the ingredients in your basic products like milk, soup, chips, cookies etc. What the heck is calcium silicate? Butylated Hydroxyanisole? Sodium Benzoate? Many of these ingredients are found in things like household cleaners, to road gravel to flat out cans of poison.

Even on fruits and veggies… This is what is on your non-organic apple... Neurotoxins???

Good news is, the FDA has deemed all of these safe for human consumption..

Let’s face it, what’s ending up on our plate is a very loose definition of the word safe. Essentially, what doesn’t kill you within a few years is totally safe according to the FDA. “Brain damage and cancer is not easily proven, we’ve got great lawyers and thus is not our concern. Look on the bright side, all of this helps increase profits” - I'm paraphrasing of course :)

If the FDA where to be converted to a DAO, what do you think the maximum allowable poisonous content on our foods would be?


So in short with the DAO model, all formal operating procedures within the FDA would be transactions on a public blockchain and subject to scrutiny. The decision makers would be the stakeholders (us) and they would get to vote upon rules and regulations (allowable poison content) which would all be managed by the smart contracts.

While numerous challenges exist with this approach, I am convinced this would help restore public faith in government (which is at an all time low). And the good news is, I believe the path we're currently on will lead to a total reform of government eventually.

Best wishes!


Nice post. I believe before we see any change, society must participate as a collective. Education and awareness will be the cornerstone of any reform.

I think thats a fair point, we saw with the UK referndum on EU membership that a lot of misinformation was distributed (for both Leave and Remain) and the population was confused. In the OPs article on food safety this is a another highly emotional and little understood area, how will we decide accurately?

What is the difference between participating and following trends? Where is the educational material coming from? My hopes are high but my optimism is dampened by the financial losses that corporations (and their lobbyists and the politicians in their pocket and the employees content with the status quo) won't accept easily. Milk filled with hormones, antibiotics and who-knows-what receives a stamp of approval because it stays within the parameters the ruling class (scientists, health professionals and Louis Pasteur) has established but CSA's giving away raw milk alongside organic vegetables from healthy happy cattle will be persecuted by the same government.

However, the UK has taken an interesting step but one I feel was largely fueled by immigration. Interracial marriage, gambling, gay marriage, recreational marijuana use, abortions; each of these began with a state using their autonomy. Married couples used to have to drive to Reno to divorce and now stoners hotbox to Colorado.

The Civil War had many causes but states' trying to assert their rights was a catalyst. If a movement towards decentralization happens, what will the United States become? Provinces like Canada? I imagine larger cities and the surrounding areas will want to govern their own since a political machine is already in place. Rural areas will be chaotic and the racism that is being acknowledged may come to head. I enjoy the notion of returning to town hall meetings but fear much blood will be shed before our mindset returns to such humble beginnings.
Whew, these thought experiments are certainly fun.

Scientific results are impartial and not impacted by interested parties, however science doesnt claim to be the truth only the most accurate model we have so far. What is scientifically researched however is impacted by interested parties and what makes the news headlines is too. Thats why I help science by running BOINC and doing Zooniverse projects; by being active in direct scientific enquiry we can make sure we protect ourselves and others from interested parties and poor reporting.

This is great! I can see us heading in this direction.

I posted a similar post a few days ago regarding my own theory for a Decentralized Taxation System with a sole purpose to take monetary power away from Government.

Read it here:

Good post! I like it! Good Luck To You!

I'm not sure if DAO is the technology destined to accomplish government decentralization but the idea is a novel one and could truly remove government corruption if a fair implementation is engineered.

I think right now we are not even close to be a DAO. The think is, If we find consesus for a special subject, who will execute the results ? Right now every decision about is made by the founders. I don't think this will change anytime soon. Would love to see a Decentralized Autonomes Organisation here. With Voting rights and so on. This is a lot of work, and is needed to be thought a lot.

The people execute the results just like they do now. We only need the blockchain for a public record of the consensus.

i am mining dao, i have now 3 dao :D

what exactly is dao ? Are you serious ? :)

Good master piece.

i want to see a DAG soon

DAG already stands for Directed Acyclical Graph

There's nothing wrong with capitalism. The problems come when the monetary reward isn't determined by the outcome.

If we come to a consensus that the outcome of food is maximum nutrition, then the companies that make the most money would be the ones selling the most nutritious products.

I'm that model, the profits of a company would be a direct indication of how well they were serving their purpose.

That is in contrast to what we have now which is where the company that makes the most profit is basically the one who is best at corruption.

Although this is one of my hopes with Blockchain technology, It also has me worried, if us the people gain power back(I live in Australia) what happens to all the weapons and nukes that are in the Governments hands, will the future be a Government controlled by the people through Blockchain technology in open transparency or will a Government be the thing of the past. If this is true will Governments around the world try regain control through martial law and cutting off internet. Will they try to create conflict before all this happens so they have an excuse to declare martial law. I see many positives with the outcome of blockchain but I also see corrupt Governments that aren't going to stand still and let their power be taken away without a fight.

You are 100% correct that can trigger back-lash. These horrible things have happened in the past and could happen again. But the alternative (doing nothing) is much worse. Here is one guide on how to pull this off (well they don't cover the blockchain though).