The WANGCHANGE Token (UIA) - Promoting Steemit Projects That Inspire

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WANGCHANGE UIA (User Issued Asset)

This UIA (User Issued Asset) was created to raise the funds needed to continue developing and producing high quality content for the steemit platform and help promote other projects and communities in the near future. Proceeds from this UIA will be used to purchase and upgrade equipment, maintenance, production and marketing expenses

As a professional actor and filmmaker I've come to realize that my abilities as a storyteller are far more valuable and appreciated then I ever imagined and because of this, I'm very excited to share the success with my fan base by offering a Token of not only appreciation but an opportunity. MrWang is now a steemit brand name with huge influence not only among it's fellow minnows & dolphins, the name is welcome and respected by the whale community as well.

The initial idea was to raise funds, exclusively for production of my own steemit videos and has expanded out to help bring other creative, innovative and quality content to life by promoting the projects and ideas thru my use of motion graphics and video including the use of my name for attraction and support


The value of each token is based off an hourly wage of $80 plus one hour of render time at $150 which is a total of $230 which will start as the minimum to buy in. The price of the token will be equal to the render time of a 60 fps (frames per second) high resolution 5 minute video. The value of the token will drop accordingly until it reaches the base pay of $50/hr of render time staying at a total of $130/hr for my video production services on steemit projects and productions. Tokens will be be distributed x2 on the initial drop in value, 3x the second drop and continue till the base value is met.

This is an opportunity for you, the viewer, investor or both to not only enjoy professional and creative driven entertainment but also to get a piece of the revenue and rewards it generates. MrWang will continue to producing videos on steemit but with your contributions, the value and quality of my creations and other collaborative work will challenge the competitive market with valuable and original content that can only be found on

I plan to RSVP on the Beyond Bitcoin hangout sometime soon so if you do have any questions and concerns.. be looking out for me and join the hangout on Friday.

WANGCHANGE on Openledger

Till Next Time... Adios Amigos

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This is very interesting. I do not fully understand the offer, or UIA for that matter. I just know there is potential. I'm hoping to better understand your project as it continues. Myself, I've been wondering how to make a UIA or something similar for Improv. Perhaps I'll learn more about my goals by following your inevitable success. All the best Mr W!