EWOTH: #2 - Creative Commons Integration

in bitshares •  8 months ago

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We survived Alpha 1.0 launch and we're on to the next phase. New dev features are being uploaded quietly in real time, and the next full summary will be highlighted in the upcoming Alpha 1.1 report.


A new EWOTH addition of note is the adoption and integration of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0). This adds an extra layer of reputation and protection for submitted words. Along with the $SLANG proof-token that is issued to word creators on the blockchain via the Bitshares DEX, and the simple design/ease of use, EWOTH is quickly starting to live up to its name - The Blockchain Dictionary.

THANK YOU. I appreciate those who have been giving feedback and sharing the good word around social. A great deal of Word Miner protocol will be based on community input, so stop by our new Discord Forum to converse with the other EWOTH humans: https://discord.gg/auZMKX6

I'd also like to welcome @nickdahat to Steemit. He's an EWOTH advisor and a key contributor to development. Give the poor guy a follow or something, he's almost as friendly as our mascot Ewoth Behomoth...


NEW WORD SUBMISSIONS ARE FLOWING. A couple noteworthy words recently posted...

Stuporstitious - Inclined to believe that one alcoholic drink will somehow lead a person into...https://ewoth.org/stuporstitious

Misogymistic - Having or showing a hatred, dislike, or distrust of all people who...https://ewoth.org/misogymistic

Finally, don't forget that rickshaw drivers worldwide love EWOTH...

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