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RE: LiqBot 0.1 (alpha) | The open-source liquidity bot!

in #bitshares8 years ago

You have to:
change the wallet_password, that’s the password which will be used by the cli_wallet.
change the account name, for example “liquidity-bot-linouxisbot”
change watch_markets to the markets you want your bot to watch and therefore trade.

The wallet_password and account should be new / non-existing ones, should they? And can the wallet_user be left empty?

I tried to set up a bot but gotexchange-bot_1 | Account creation failed and exchange-bot_1 | response: {"status":"500","error":"Internal Server Error"}


Yes wallet_user needs to be empty but account and wallet_password need to be non-existing ones. BTW, You can't use a premium name.

It seems the problem is coming from the OL faucet. I've sent them a message and they are investigating.

EDIT: The problem seems to be fixed, please retry :-)

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