Bitshares up 118% in 24 hours

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Huge increase in price and trading volume over the last few days displaying a very unexpected bullrun.

This had me go to my btsx wallet to check how many I still have from 2014, I had not opened it since then and I got a nasty surprise when I realized that I have no idea what the password I used back then was. 

I checked my logs to see if I could figure out which it is but no luck :(

Here is the 30 day chart showing the price of bitshares and trading volume

Currently the price of Bitshares = 0.38$ ( the image below displays in euro values from coinmarketcap

Trading volume over the last 24 hours = 442,000,000$ USD which is about 45% of the total marketcap value of bitshares.

In any case I know many people here on Steemit have bitshares and Im quite happy to post this update and be content knowing that you guys are happy to be holding. I might get a few today I never want to be left out of any good cryptocurrency or token.

Check out the twitter poll giving you a chance to voice your opinion on what you think the price of bitshares will be at the end of june!

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Hope you all have a nice weekend, don't spend all day refreshing the price of your cryptocurrencies :)


Great with the BTS price apparently got added to some Chinese exchange. Bummer about the password. I would never recommend emailing your password are most email systems are not Secure. A password manager or even a text file on a USB and printed, it's not fun typing in a 26+ alpha numeric string but at least you get access again

Shit happens, yeah your security recomendation sounds like a good idea. The problem is that this was just a short password that I memorized and obviously never wrote down anywhere. There is still the chance that I keep trying and guess it :)

I hope you break it and find you're sitting on a small fortune

Crypto investors are about to rule the world!

Nice post! I'm crypto crazy right now. lol Following and upvoted. Please feel free to check me out and follow back.

My daughter always says e mail your password to yourself make sense I forget mine often

Yeah I do that now pretty much in every case. But this was when I was a newbie :( will I ever learn???

What a shame that you lost your password. Feel bad for you! I sold a few yesterday, but make sure I keep most. I hope you can still buy some at a reasonable price.

Well we live and learn! Dont feel bad its my own fault for being careless. Something similar happened with mynxt wallet. And what makes it worse here I was also holding coins for a friend :(

Aww man, sorry to hear you forgot your password! Thanks for the update on bitshares, I'll take a closer look myself. Cheers

I bought a just few last month because of a steemit post 👍🏾👌🏽

Yeah I was going to do the same but I figured I already have some but I guess I dont. I have already sent some btc to bittrex to make a trade in a little while.

Good news indeed however dont you think that its in a bubble now? How open is their blockchain technology and is their 100% transparancy ? I am very worried about longevity however for now great place to be but with caution!!!

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Will Bitshares reach $1 by the end of June

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Bitshares up 118% in 24 hours — #Steemit… /

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