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Last Price : $1.25 usd

  • Steemit LUCRA Holders receiving daily upvotes.

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Total Active days : 375
Daily upvotes by @lucrative & @bola to all LUCRA holders.

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LUCRA Chart/Stats

  • On June 1st we increased the voting power.
    2000 LUCRA and under = 20%
    2001 LUCRA and over = 50%
    LUCRA holders will receive upvotes on every blog post they make.
    Every LUCRA bought on the Bitshares platform is converted to Steem then powered up. Upvoting on our Lucrative blog posts will also increase our steem power, then giving holders a higher valued upvote.

When LUCRA is bought on the Bitshares platform we power up the STEEM which will increase the steem power for higher valued upvotes. Affordable for everyone, we have been upvoting daily for almost one year.

Receive daily blog post upvotes on Steemit by holding LUCRA

100 - 2000 LUCRA = 20% upvote per blog
est $2000+ usd in upvote value a year with 4 blog post a day.**

2001+ LUCRA = 50% upvote per blog & quarterly sharedrop
est $9800+ usd in upvote value a year with 4 blog post a day.**

Click here to create your Bitshares DEX account.

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Then reply on the latest post with:


Once we confirm you're a Lucrative holder, then we will add you to the holder list.

What is Bitshares DEX, and RuDEX?
A decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform and a trading tool that also offers a number of other blockchain-based services on the Bitshares platform.

Advantages over traditional centralized exchanges :
Separation of Powers, Global Unified Order Book, No Limits, Decentralized, Secure, Fast, Provable Order Matching Algorithm, Collateralized Smartcoins....

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**Not guaranteed. Estimate based off $4 Steem price.

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