Lucrative Gold (Aug 1, 2018)

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Last Price : $0.48 usd

Lucrative Gold Markets

  • Next snapshot will be on September 1st.

  • August bonus snapshot will take place tonight at 11:59 pm PT.
    Snapshot takes place on the first of the month to qualify for that months bonus.

  • July bonus was distributed today.

lucrag bitshares bonus history july chart.png

July : 0.23 BTS per LUCRAG.
June : 0.31 BTS per LUCRAG.
May : 0.15 BTS per LUCRAG.
April : 0.20 BTS per LUCRAG.
March : 0.41 BTS per LUCRAG.
February : 0.13 BTS per LUCRAG.
January : 1.25 BTS per LUCRAG.

Six Month History
BTS average price : 0.19 USD
LUCRAG average price : 0.75 USD
BTS per LUCRAG total sum : 1.43 BTS

Lucrative Gold can help you stack up on Bitshares monthly. With us you won't have to worry about website maintenance, disabled withdraws, holding your bitcoins, market manipulation and hacks. This platform is 100% legit, so don't expect large monthly bonuses.

Lucrative Gold offers a monthly bonus based on how many LUCRAG you hold. Compounding your monthly bonus can help your initial investment grow exponentially.

The minimum amount of LUCRAG to qualify for a monthly bonus is 100 LUCRAG. Snapshot takes place on the first of the month, and that will qualify you for that month bonus.

Our investments are in Steem, Steem Dollars, Bitshares, and other crypto platforms. LUCRAG is not a security, and does not guarantee a monthly bonus.

What is Bitshares DEX, and RuDEX?
A decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform and a trading tool that also offers a number of other blockchain-based services on the Bitshares platform.

Advantages over traditional centralized exchanges
Separation of Powers, Global Unified Order Book, No Limits, Decentralized, Secure, Fast, Provable Order Matching Algorithm, Collateralized Smartcoins....

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Resteemed, nice payout this month, I enjoy the consistent dividend I get each month.

Thank you.

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