Crypviser project choses Bitshares Blockchain !!!

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  • Crypviser is the first encrypted network for social and business communication based on Blockchain

  • Crypviser is a disruptive, encrypted all-in-one network for social and business communication based on blockchain technology.

...and here is their latest announcement about using bitshares wallet:

Crypviser concerns about recent problems within Ethereum network and sees the current situation as unreliable and business critical for our project. The speed of transactions for the authentication system is too important to be disregarded. Crypviser app is expected to be widely used by millions of clients all around the world. In order to achieve it and bring superb quality solutions to the market, one of the key factors is maximum speed of transactions. Therefore we have decided to move on with Bitshares blockchain. This platform has already proven its sustainability for tens of projects and is able to proceed up to 100,000 transactions per second.

CVCoin tokens are to be issued soon and all Crypviser investors will receive instructions concerning registration within Bitshares network. On June, 7 all the tokens will be distributed among its holders.

We are absolutely sure in taking this step. It will help us to implement all our long term plans, bring high quality product and strengthen CVCoin value on cryptocurrencies market.

If you want find out more details about Crypviser, just visit their official webpage at you have still time to participate on their ICO!


Fantastic news for BitShares.

liondani...seriously man. this is great find.

Nice repost Fuzzy, You always find good work and i respect your reposts! im gonna check into this crypviser!

Jump on it if Fuzzy is there for sure LOL

I have invested in it because I really liked their concept. It was blow minding when I read the email about moving to the bitshares blockchain.... Now I am super bullish about it ;)

Chat with an old friend on telegram my friend ;)

We shall have a great triumphant chortle together!

Thanks for sharing, I am so sorry my vote is not worth more but I am drained right now LOL.

I was happy to see a post from you so gave it a full power UV on the slider but you know how it goes LOL.

  • have a nice week.

Your vote means a lot for me. I prefer it even more than a "whale" vote ;)

Aw, that is so nice of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I do not hear much from you anymore, but I will always remember your votes in helping me gain some encouragement on this platform in many ways.

I think of you often.

I just sent this to encourage @lexicon082 ( think that is his acct, you can check my comments tab if I got it wrong) - on his nice sobriety post, he is such a good guy!

- You encouraged me and so many others @liondani !!! - Thanks again, most sincerely. I have always kept blogging and helping others ever since.

Ill help you out with a up vote so you can grow! :)

Hey thanks, that is nice of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's one back for ya, LOL.

@liondani Thanks. I have been thinking about getting into my first ICO. This one sounds like it has real potential. Upvoted, Followed, & Resteemed!

You should look at EOS ( if not already doing so. Newest project by Dan... who created both Bitshares and Steemit

I would, but I'm a U.S. citizen. It seems U.S. citizens are forbidden from buying EOS Tokens.

I got their email from Crypviser...was hoping for Bitshares to go lower to buy some :)

Will BitShares also benefit from this move?

Yes...once ppl know that companies is shifting to will help to move up. Also, here is a message from Crypviser recently--->> We are going to distribute all the UNSOLD CVCoins among our investors. So every investment will be multiplied by a specific coefficient which will depend on the number of coins left. This move will make our participants the main investors on exchanges after ICO is finished.

Followed. Great post and I like hearing about new ideas. I am not a computer savvy guy at all but I am trying to get this whole Crypto thing figured out. Thanks for the info. DR

You are doing a nice job I think!!!

Well thank you for saying so.

crypvisor should have chose a better name and logo. the all seeing eye doesn't exactly go hand in hand with trust, where privacy is concerned. nevermind any underlying connotations, google alone is enough to avoid the association. The whole brand just seems off target and 2nd rate. too bad. the idea of a b2b/p2p social/payment/communication/business network where you have full control of your anonymity and have good security is appealing, especially when built on competent tech like bitshares. IMHO, they should just cut their marketting/design/mapple using Yippy losses and redesign before final launch.


lol..I just posted the same thing mate..Not on purpose though..

This is huge news, I just read about in the Bitshares Network Weekly Update! Wow!!! We are going to the moon alright.

Namaste :)


If only i were in your country. Africans aren't buying into these yet. I do investments alot and invest in what seems profitable.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 19.52.49.png

Thanks for sharing

But is crypviser decentralized?

Yes, it is.


Hey man, i learned something from you and i like that. I didnt know crypviser was the first encrypted network for social and business communications based on block chain. I gave you an upvote and followed. :D

This is a great guy, upvoted!

Great news!!. I'm glad for Crypviser and bitshares, together they make a great team. Good job!!

So much is happening with #blockchain! upvoted and followed!

Oh so they will work on bitshares, hmm that's interesting!
Well... with today's possibilities of advertisement on the web it can for sure spread very fast and widely used worldwide.

Okey let's see what is it about. Time for some research!

i own Bitshares so i am very happy to here this news $$$$$

thanks, will check sounds good :))

great information.thanks alot

honestly, that's really great

very nice posting. I use blockchain.

Very good, if you like you can read my 2 stories and follow me I'm new on the page, happy day and thanks

What a nice collaboration!

Thanks for sharing this awesome post actually I was unknown about this (cryptwiser) before. It's good to know about this encrypted network. And I did Google about this and it seems awesome. 😃

I can't choise between this or status? If anybody else can share why its better I'll appreciate it.

Following and upvoted, re steemed! Awesome

thanks a lot again.I joined it yesterday

Good jop
Fantastic news for BitShares
Ill help you out with a up vote so you can grow

Very nice visit me :) Regards to know all in steam

good news...

Thanks for sharing :)

Thankfully been a part of the ICO :) Think Crypviser has great potential! @kkraze

This will be interesting.

Great news - I'll go study.

Interesting post! Sounds like good news for bitshares.

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Thx for the post. I am really thinking were bitshares is in a couple of years.. They are building some nice ground..

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