Watch Out the Bitshares Scam Going and Getting More Sophisitacted

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I wrote about it long ago when some odd user tried this on me, but now theres more accounts trying that.

The trick is easy - they send you request to modify profile. Actually they steal your cash as they get access to account.


Now they check if you ever traded ie CryptoBridge coins, if so they go from nicks with cryptobridge inside, if you use OL they go with account openlegder-wallet etc.


same goes for ie openlegder-wallet and others.

So shortly DO NOT ACCEPT and proposed transactions.

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Aside from the scams, how are you feeling about the Bitshares network? I'm considering investing but Idk if there's been any headway made on the project as of late.

i have it since years and i like it a lot ;)

what is the mechanism by which they get access to your account?
Do the links lead somewhere that asks for your key?

this are proposals (like smart contracts) on network, if you accept.. you accept a smart contract to extract yor money (its not exactly like this but its a short explanation)

they use an option of BTS network but in malicious way

I think this happened to me :(((
But I’m not sure it’s been almost 6 months that I’m trying to get access to my wallet but it’s not working and OL won’t give me any plausible explanation.

do you have your keys/file/password ?

but my password is not working anymore for some reason.
There use to be a PIN to enter but not anymore.

Thank you for the headsup

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This is real. I just got hit hard. Anyone know what can be done?

nothing sadly.. make new account

This happened to me yesterday, Tuesday, March 7, 2019. I can still get into my account fortunately. The names that show up in my activity feed that various funds were sent to are as follows:

  1. cryptobridge-upgrade
  2. rz120
  3. There was another name but so far it has been buried too far to find it.
    They cancel all your orders and then go to work extracting funds. The first thing they bought was KRIPT. I found this article If you scroll down to the comments there is this link which has good information on what to do. I filled out a ticket and was immediately e-mailed: "We would like to tell you that we have received your request and a ticket has been created. We will check your message and You’ll hear from us a reply no later than in 72 hours". Here is a link to a bitshares forum post

How nothing?There is this thing called "override transfer".Open ledger used it to transfer some shit coins in and out of my and other people accounts,i think it was "obits voting" asset.They (exchanges),people in charge on Bitshares network,have ability to override authority,they CAN!transfer assets from any account on Bitshares network,so..why the fuck don't they block this assholes,at least when someone gets scammed,they bring money back,or block gateways for scammers..there are tings that can be done,but no one is doing shit..this only makes good project (Bitshares) look bad in the eyes of new investors.

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