From now you can use Bitshares and 40 other cryptocurrencies to shop on Overstock directly (STEEM hopefully soon)

in #bitshares4 years ago

Overstock is one of the biggest online shops with "everything".

Now they integrated their payment gateway with Shapeshift and thanks to that we can pay now for everything not only with Bitcoin but also 40+ other currencies directly and our belowed STEEMs older brother Bitshares is one of them!

Sadly STEEM is turned off on Shapeshift but as soon as its available i bet the shopping spree will start!

BTS Markets

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Overstock is awesome, their BTC integration works very well and you can buy pretty much anything there. Shapeshift/STEEM/BTS is huge! Awesome!

Don't forget to pay taxes on your purchases! From every crypto purchase to physical goods you have to pay tax based on the fiat amount of the purchase

Perhaps I don't understand... so taxes aren't included in the checkout? You're stating that people need to remember to pay taxes separate from the item?

No. I think fatboy is reffering to the capital gains tax. Purchasing an item is basically saying your selling your bitcoin (or other crypto). So if you bought it for less then what it is worth when purchasing an item with it then it needs to be on your schedule D for US citizens. I use site. They can keep track of multiple cryptos and have different rules (like fifo, lifo) you can apply to determine capital gains.

Yes. At least that is law in Europe. It is the same taxable event as selling your stock

oh taxes on these too :(

This will be a boost For cryptos


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I think so too!!!

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Anything thats accepts PayPal is a massive bonus!

The more adoption we have, the more cryptos will become mainstream.

@kingscrown this is amazing and an amazing post! I hope to see more options to use Cryptocurrency in the future on sites like this one! Thank you so much for sharing this and creating this post.


Great post!

Awesome news as more merchants accepting crypto makes it a very valid method of payment!

Between this and fiat conversion tech like TenX, crypto is unstoppable.

This is very good news , but i wish STEEM be added to Overstock soon. thanks @kingscrown .

I think Overstock are the pioneers of the future, and hopefully other business's will continue to follow their approach to digital currencies...

Useful information man, people need to know things like this. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed

How exciting it is to be participating at the beginning! It won't be long before they will all be accepted everywhere. The value should rise sky high!

Good post

It only means that, cryptocurrency is a real thing and not just a unicorn of 21st century. With this event, people might become aware of crytocurrency and adopt it as the medium of exchange which is good for all of us.

I am look forward, that one day steem will become a part of this big picture.

This is indeed a good news for we crypto lovers , keeping my fingers crossed for steem , upped. Thanks for sharing.

Wow. Amazing post.

Interesting, never heard of it before. Will try and check it out later.
Useful information.

Steem can be the future facebook.

To much overprice online shop 🔥 not going . they should rename it Overstock to Overprice online shop

nice one, this'll be the future of cryptocurrency, maybe several years later cryptocurrency will be used as an usual payment method

Overstock is so overpriced on everything. Does Amazon do this yet? If not, please let us know when they do!

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What's up with that STEEM being turned off!?;(
Very great info as I heard '0verstock's' name so much throughout the years 0f reading 0f digital currencies. It was always bitcoin this, bitcoin that and now look!
Truly amazing to see other currencies thriving, especially considering that I am invested in some.

As always, Resteemed ;)

Really good notice! One step more to see cryptocurrencies in real life 💪

this one will be best bonus

This is very exciting news. Services like Shapeshift are really key for vendor adoption of cryptocurrency payments. Can't wait to see this utilized in more and larger consumer-facing sites! Thanks for sharing... my pleasure to give this a RESTEEM.

Just what i needed, i am going to use it now. Thanks brother!

This is great News. Waiting for more stores to used Bitcoin.

Japan covered this area ;)

Wow, that is a good news

Neat :) tip! post

interesting boost for sure!

Its a great news.

Que buena información, el compilado esta bastante ordenado, gracias por compartir

I'm really excited about this news!
Other crypto currency finally gets recognition (thatwe can pay with them)

oh we need Steem there.

meanwhile great news for Crypto Currencies <3

Hello @kingscrown do you help new members like myself to grow on steemit with an upvote or maybe resteem. BTW this post is very informative ! I am @hazelnuts

This is awesome. Resteemed.

Wow look ing realy promising.

Nice to see acceptance somewhere other than Asia .

This is great. More adaptation is great for cryptos!

Sounds good. :) We live in interesting times, really.

Now, what should I order...

Exciting times!

I am so happy that i have known about crypto currency since 2014. I have not been a big part of the community, but with social arenas like steemit i feel more connected then ever. I feel like the price we are getting is a bargain, thinking long term i feel like i cant loose. 330 coins of Bitshares is the equivalent of 51 $. Its a small investment with the mindset of keeping this stock for a solid 3+ years.

@kingscrown & @luisneira thanks for sharing!

Visa and master are accepted thats great but i hope that accept normal cards without 3D Secure Authentication as well most of the exchange have 3D Secure requirements and people from asian and african states lack such facilities

That is absolutely amazing.
I guess I can start using my bitshares now.
Thanks for letting us know @kingscrown

Thanks for the tip!

It's great for the market.

Wow that is nice I will be able to use steem and sbd soon at Overstock maybe to buy some cornmeal or dried fruits! Cool.

Yes! waiting for more big companies to join the list. You can also check some famous companies accepting Bitcoin here

wonderful post . I like it

I want to try your suggestion.
Thank you for sharing

Cool.. @kingscrown

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Great, soon it will be possible to pay everywhere with crypto currency!

OoO How awesome! Perfect timing as I do love to shop! :)

Awesome, thank you for the post!

This just blew my mind. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this! Hopefully more CEO's start thinking the same way. CRYPTOWORLD!

Wawww thats great news sir... Everyone that always using bitsher will gladly t

they just retrevied the claim

Sir, please vote for us. We are very grateful to this. You continue to have success y.And keep voting. @ahlawat

What are the fees? Astronomical. At this point it's not even worth making purchases with all the transaction fees, Unless you held on to your bitcoin from day one, or have an huge amount. I have 60 in BTC and it would cost me 2 as much for a pizza, than cash

Let's Hope Steem Makes It To This List :)

love this post

When one person steps out from the crowd, others will follow. coming soon. Thanks for the great news.

I think this is a good step in the acceptance of currencies in the fight against fiat!

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about BitShares. Thanks and good luck again!

great news for all steem members

Overstock are pioneers! Thank for sharing this news!

post a great can be useful can be used as experience .semoga be a friend who can help me in order to like you ..... to dream and hope in reach. like @sinta need dukugan friend. greetings esteem.

I saw this news! I was very excited, and this is a sign that shapeshift integration will be everywhere and altcoins will become the orderof the day! Perfect timing for bitcoin cash to!

And Well honestly we can ALWAYS use Blocktrades or poloniex or bittrex to exchange our steem or SBD to bitcoin, so honestly our steem is as good as bitcoin, might as well be bitcoin when it comes to spending it on stuff! ALMOST fungible adjacent right?

wow this is really cool i can imagine seing that shapeshift integrtion on EVERY website EVEN EBAY and AMAZON wohoo, cant AIt to see websiotes that acept bitcoin all havingthis shapeshift inetgartion, it makes sense, oif people have money, they might as wel begiven the option to SPEND it if you ant their business!

NOW people will SPEND those altcoins on overstock


wow FUCK i need to buy my ethereum Zcash and Dash again! fuck fuck fuck Jaxx is taking FOREVER to enable Bitcoin Cash and n twotter said we have to not touch ur btc nour jaxx wallets top get opur bitcoin cash? such bulshit, biottredx even gve the bitcoin cash and even POLONIX is now crediting people their bitcoin cash! biut i have to wait because jaxx screwed up/ and i already MOVED spome of my bitcoins but DAYS after the hard man...jaxx is preventing me from buying my akltcoins back, becaiuse they wont garuntee that il get all my bitcoin cash if i move my biytcoins ,man...i am just glad that they madeus wait because bitcoin cash is just going up and will be worth alopt son, when its januray and coinbase people get their bitcoin cash, it will probobly be worth as much as bitcoin so everyone who just has coinbase will mauybe even double thir money in januray and it will be COiunbases Christmas Bonus for their customers. fucking GENIUS move honestly. When Poloniex gives out theiur Bitcoin Cash walets, they MOST LIKELY will have to crate an EXCHANGE for bitcoin cash as wel! This means poloniex will also hgave a HUGE bitcoin cash market and huge inflyuence on the bitcoin cash price as a whole...bimagine all poloniex users who had bitcoin during hard fork, ALL getting tghir bitcoin cash in a few days, Most WOULD have sold but i bet many will hgold it, just very interesting, u can probly play the market on these days when poloniex will be credting everyone their bitcoin cash, and its goib toe ALOT of bitcoin cash theyll be distributing

Anyway sorry to get off topic!

anyway this overstock news is SOO EXCITING cant wait for EBAY to take altcoins too! Imagine if PAYPAl just said fuck it and let people pay for paypal using Bitcoin automaticaly converting it for a small fe to make paypal some profit, it would be a GREAT option to have and id use it up to maybe even 5 percent? qhich is big and unecisary but fopr convinence MANy would pay a fw percentage points in fees just to pay for something using paypal by using bitcoin teh same way someone can guest pay using a debit card withourt a paypal acount...bcvause iof someone is willing to pay paypal in Botcoin, well its non refundable, and paypal HAS the money and can do whateverthey want so it will be up to THEIR merhcant, so its a win win situation paypal should justs tart accepting Bitcoin and altcoins 9via shapeshift) it would be a HUGE win for paypal

What would be nice is if Exodus wallet had steem/SBD so we could buy EOS directly with it, and other coins using just steem and exodus man imagine if STEEMit had Bitcoina dn ethereum integration! Likeimagine ethereum and bitshares and bitcoina nd other altcoins inside our internal SBD/steem exchange!

Wow! Awesome.

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Why Shapeshift has Steem disabled?

I have to check!!! Thank you. Nice info.

Great information! Exellent bloging, keep awesome hard work! I've been watching a few of your videos and they have helped me a lot. I'm very new at this and only started researching cryptocurrencies about a month ago. I've purchased a small amount of Bitcoin 0.013btc and Ethereum 0.003eth and now holding. I would love to see a video on how you store other cryptocurrencies and what wallets you use etc.

My BTC Wallet Address is: 1JuGhApoHgLwpUsKn66faYzoMGSm2WmT3n

My ETH wallet address is: 0x92C4c1bB3e44FfE8F2B4805Cfa343fD3cc22E8BA

Thanks alot:D

OK. Check my page later and I will show you how to do that. Or you can start using coinomi

Sure thing. Will check in next few days.

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