Cool Updates and Upgrades on OpenLedger - Decentralized Exchange

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Before @dan made STEEM he made BTS - coin and decentralized exchange built on it. The main used frontend of it is called OpenLedger and it just got some cool updates.

If you do not have an account - make it, its free and nobody can steal your funds from it as its decentralized. Check OpenLedger now before you forget.


STEEM has top6 traffic there which is not bad at all!

Few base currencies

While you can sell anything traded there for anything there is few base markets. Right now ETH and EOS joined them! Also, USD called bitUSD unlike SBD is really pegged to USD same as CNY is. BTS uses a bit different way of pegging than STEEM.

Gateways Open

While BTS and other on chain coins and tokens are native, other currencies like ETH EOS DGD STEEM LISK EXCL and many more go through a gateway that changes on a chain to off chain tokens. Finally, most of them are working again!

Fees reduced

BTC withdrawal fees are down by 64% due to Segwit adoption and trades fees are at 50% now.

BTS Markets

So about OpenLedger STEEM/SBD also has Binance and Livecoin exchanges that both coins are on.

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This is a good information. Good to have steem/sbd on other exchanges other than bittrex and polo. But I have not see sbd on binance. Was it just added?

With Dex exchanges popping up like wild fire, these retro exchanges need to do something to keep their marketshare.

Massive first-mover advantage. Definitely counts for something, in the long run.

I am user of OpenLedger and holder of OBITS, their token. It is great DEX and easy to use. I had a problem at start with names of assets. For example when you see open.EOS, you are not sure as new user what you are buying exactly. Without this open.something would be easier for new users.

Perhaps OL can put more information in the description for each coin. It would certainly be proactive marketing in my opinion @bloggersclub

Easier for new users to misunderstand what they're buying...

Thanks for sharing

good news if the fess is reduced this will bring more participation

Well done thank you for keepiñg us updated with such information

Thanks for sharing

The way regulation is looking, decentralised exchanges need these boosts so that they become more widely used and trusted

BitShares (BTS) is a decentralized eye platform for trading cryptocurrency without leaving a blockchain. The BitShares blockchain platform allows users to take note of their crypto power for a stable asset by converting the cash into some other cryptocurrency whose costs are pegged to real life assets.

I thinks very interesting, thanks for information @kingscrown

Terimakasih posting anda anda sangat bermanfaat...

I guess you haven't heard of Price projections:

  • owned by forex broker FXPIG
  • crypto ETFs
  • altcoin-fiat pairs
  • debit cards
  • margin lending and leverage trading

OpenLedger ApS has announced its ground-breaking token launch for OCASH, the first all-in-one payment card. OCASH brings the international card payments system to the OpenLedger and BitShares networks, allowing token holders to use the world's only

Stablecoins (SmartCoins) including bitUSD, bitEUR, bitGBP, and Rubles - plus other OpenLedger tokens such as OBITS, BTC, and ETH, to purchase items anywhere that accepts international payment cards.

I think companies are just piggy backing the old news of bitcoin fees being so high. The fees have not been high for a good month or two now lol

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@kingscrown, Wonderful post, I particularly like the photos and how well written it is between photos.

Great balance of written and visual presentation here rating 10/10 as far as I am concerned!

Nice post!

Informative post. thanks for sharing.

Steem is no. 6
Thanks for sharing

good and thank you. this post is good information and useful especially for steemians users

Steemit is indeed a great cryptocurrency for its great move to the 6th position.. We can make steemit one the most visited site by making others see the benefit of been a steemer

New knowledge for me. Thank you very much @kingscrown!


"go through a gateway that changes on a chain to off chain tokens."

Can you explain this a bit more please. (If I bought some EOS on KuCoin can I transfer them there and they become registered ?)
or does that off chain means something else?

Another user, @solisrex, has said that open.EOS are already registered but I do not know for certain.

Dex is more sexy than any other centralized exchange.

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Thanks u for sharing

FINALLY the Steem,SBD gateways are open?
it's been MONTHS.

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Steemit is really going places, the future for steemit would be great. However, about the #openledger I am going to signup soon because I need such a cryptocurrency platform and trading tool that offers so many number of trading services.

The openledger is basically changing the world of financial innovations.

This is awesome news bro

perhaps for the already successful steemian is a very unusual thing, sometimes it makes a more serious desire to live what is being done

Yeah gonna buy lots of tasty treats when this baby moons 😻😺 meow Brrrrrrrr...

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I cant access my account on openlendger , any help @kingscrown

Every post you make is very beautiful - I want to know about Bitcoin rate now What do you say?

Did I read that correctly? The Steem gateway is open again? Yahoo!!! Iv'e been waiting for that to happen, been using openledger for a while and really enjoy it. Thanks for the update @kingscrown, appreciate it!

Goo share update markets @kingscrown

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