BTS and YOYOW to have promo in China with Binance!

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I spoke loads of it.. Currently Binance is one of my favorite exchanges. If you aint there - register. No documents needed.

Today Bitshares along with OpenLedger - decentralized exchange will have promotion there on live meetup along with YOYOW which we can call Asian public chain for traditional media platform.

After this meeting, we can expect more eyes from CN and mainly Asia on those coins and the 2 exchanges.

Binance Markets

OpenLedger Markets



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Now if Binance can only add STEEM to their exchange.

I don't understand why they didn't do it yet??

No Steem on Binance??Ill stick to Bitshares then.

Ahan yes i am agree with you

Thank you for posting

we leave this world the same way we came into.... naked and broke.

Nice, the only way is up!

Go go YOYOW, great news :)

Binance is really good i prefer it over most

Thats good inside signal to buy binance coin

Would sooner buy BTS and the Chinese already make allot of use of bitCNY, wich indirectly makes the price of Bitshares go up :)

thanks for sharing!

When regulation in China comes into the crypto/blockchain market, the Chinese will come in force. Most of their money I read is ending up in the Japanese exchanges. Brilliant move by Bitshares to get some promotion in China.

71 original words and a few screenshots worth $275.14 (much more in FIAT) of the rewards pool in under a day? No replies and no upvotes on comments. How does nobody regulate this?!

Steemit is decentralized.


Binance is a great exchange also on there!

For the newbies i reccomend putting your money on coinbase or gdax (Same company) and from there spreading it to exchanges and putting your bigger coins in hardwallet. Just some free advice ;)

Cryptofreak - Bartcardi

Thank you for this interesting information!
But -as far i know Chinese authorities banned the use of crypto

Wow I love this such a great post

Damn. I missed this post and I missed the BTS jump. Would have been a great profit opportunity. I wish Steemit had notification alerts when awesome people like @kingscrown post

I think it's worthy a short thanks hey will try binance

Its decentralized why does China always have to have their own version of everything lol

Binance is going to be the top exchange soon

binance is actually the best!! bitshares is future!!

Excellent post about bitcoin trading market and Cryptocurrency with technology. Very good job. Thanks

Thank you for this interesting information!
But - isn't the Chinese authorities banning the use of crypto in their country for the time being?

Nice one @kingscrown. Kindly follow back

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will get register in binance.Thanks for info kingscrown

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Ahan biance chinese exchange
I have made a post about you have look on my work @kingscrown ☺☺☺

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Hey friend @kingscrown........... it's always great to see your report and always have investors to take the right decision for your post you really done a great work.

i think binance will surpass bittrex

This is big 😲

Hello tomare estos tip en cuenta amigo saludos desde venezuela 🙏

What kind of attention are these exchanges getting from the Chinese government?

I suddenly saw things are changing and market is goin high. Hope 2018 will brings some jackpot for all of us. voted!!

@kingscrown, that's awsome news to us about promo of Binance . thanks for upddates.

nice post. thank.

Thats great news.

Bts to the moon .

I like Binance. easy to use. However, if they can add more coins like STEEM that will be great. Besides, wouldn't it be better if sopt-limit is base on usd not btc because btc value changes, it's hard to get exact price that I want.

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Can't wait until STEEM to be added have collected in BITSHARES statement,presented some awesome and very useful information. i am very happy on this article.
upvoted ....resteem

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How is bittrex? I've had mixed reviews about bittrex.

Good article... I will take a look at Binance ...

one day steem up to sky

Now if binance can only add steemit to their exchange

Is it safer to keep cryptos on a decentralized exchange than on centralized one?

Wow I love this such a great post

nice this post.thanks for sharing.

Great Post mate, i liked it, don't forget to check out my post about BITCOIN and the whole NSA rumors :

would be nice.. as china is one of the biggest financial markets and getting their attention means serious business

I am waiting for the wonderful continuation...

This is good news, thanks for sharing this post with us @kingscrown.

Then it will be worth more

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Chaina is a big market to trading.

Thanks for the update
YoYow? Pls throw more light why it's the Chinese version of steemit? Is Golos which is Russian version?
Any free or cheap exchange in Asia with high volume good for New coin?

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nice i like it its amaaazing post thank you for sharing knowldge @rastalikelove

Just registered on Binance.Thankyou for the info :)

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