Blockfolio is finally adding a BitShares related DEX to their app

in #bitshares3 years ago

Better Late Than Never

After years of trying to get the BitShares DEX added to the Blockfolio app, today we got a nice surprise.

It's not that Blockfolio is adding the BitShares DEX directly, but they have finally decided to add the Openledger DEX to their app which is still fantastic.

Their Android app alone has over 1 million downloads.

Why is this so important?

Since BitShares is pretty decentralized, this has hindered it from becoming widely known by crypto enthusiasts. What better way than to get exposure from a 3rd party provider that is built on top of BitShares?

Now the users of Blockfolio will see the Openledger DEX in the app and hopefully wonder what that exchange is all about since decentralized exchanges are becoming increasingly popular. Honestly, this couldn't have come at a better time. Openledger just launched their brand new landing page, moved their operations to the Belarus Hi-Tech Park, and they will soon be launching their new fiat gateway.

Check out their new landing page here:
Check out their plans for the future:

Hopefully once Blockfolio gets Openledger added to their system they will be able to easily add the BitShares DEX directly. Overall, this is fantastic news for the entire BitShares ecosystem and should lead to some positive price movement for assets traded on the BitShares blockchain.