Bitshares Founder Stan Larimer hints at EOS / Bitshares (BTS) collaboration in BitsharesDEX Telegram chat

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There has been a significant uptick of investor and user interest in the Graphene blockchain ecosystem since Dan Larimer's recent unveiling of EOS at Consensus. The Graphene ecosystem, which powers several major blockchain companies including Bitshares (BTS), Steemit (STEEM), OpenLedger (OBITS) and PeerPlays (PPY), was created by father-son team Stan and Dan Larimer, the latter of whom is now the founder of EOS which is the most anticipated ICO since the emergence of Ethereum.

The technological (Graphene) and familial (Larimer family) connections between EOS and Bitshares has lead to significant investor speculation in the market for BTS tokens, partially attributing to a meteoric rise in BTS over the past months -- far more than the overall crypto or altcoin markets. Other factors for a rise in Bitshares include strong positioning in the Chinese crypto and ICO market, and significant transaction volume growth in their DEX. Despite these other factors, many traders attribute the speculation about collaboration between EOS and BTS to be an important driver in the recent rise of BTS.

Dan Larimer's announcement that the EOS ICO would be held on the Ethereum blockchain, due to it's status as the most liquid ICO market, certainly ruffled some feathers in the Bitshares community as many had expected the ICO to be held on the Graphene-powered Bitshares DEX. Despite that initial disappointment, rumors have been swirling amongst larger traders of other forms of collaboration between EOS / BTS being inevitable, and this has resulted in a strong continued bid for BTS on the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitshares founder Stan Larimer hinted at a collaboration in the BitsharesDEX Telegram chat yesterday, in response to a question by user Danis on "how will EOS affect [sic] BTS and Steemit." Take a look at Stan's response below.


Stan is referring to Xeroc, a lead developer at Bitshares , and Dan, the founder of EOS.

A number of options have been discussed in trading circles regarding the possible collaboration beyond Bitshares converting to EOS (which is already known), including:

  1. Some form of deep integration with Bitshares DEX into EOS to enable easy and liquid asset tokenization on EOS, similar to how Bancor has a DEX integrated directly into their smart contracts platform to enable liquid trading tokens out of the gate.

  2. Bitshares and the Graphene ecosystem companies being the first to migrate to EOS, becoming the de facto early dApps for DEX, social, gaming, etc.

  3. Bitshares DEX being the de facto ICO platform for EOS. The world's first EOS dApp just launched on the Bitshares DEX (OCT), prior to the launch of EOS itself, indicating the possibility that the EOS team is directing early dApps to ICO on Bitshares.

If anybody has any other thoughts on the collaboration opportunities between Bitshares and EOS, would love to hear them!


Bitshares doesn't have a CEO

Thanks updated to "founder"

"Godfather" sounds better than "Grandfather" :)


The ability to borrow EOS by using BTS as collateral has some very interesting investment implications.

I would like to see a pre-sale where only BTS and STEEM are accepted, then on with the proposed ETH sale. Same model (blind auction) but give us Graphene people a chance to donate without have to sell Graphene for ETH. I mean, that's just awful.

Fabian = Xeroc NOT Fav

Thanks, updated ;)

Bancor does not work. You will see.

I agree 100%, but the concept of a smart contracts platform with a native DEX is interesting.

Great article. Just need to note Stan is Dan's father. They aren't brothers

Thanks and updated!

Great article !

Stan is referring to Fav, a lead developer at Bitshares , and Dan [...]

Stan is referring to Xeroc, a lead developer at Bitshares , and Dan [...]

Thanks and updated!

I start to suspect that they are from Mars.

The Martian

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Great post, thank you. I have fallen in love with Steemit, Bitshares and now EOS. Have put my money down for all of them and am so excited by the universally empowering future we have thanks to the technology the Larimers' and the rest of the teams have blessed us all with. Now let's go tell the World

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