Great Bitshares was Updated with Trading View

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Update of the Bitshares Platform

Update of the bitshares platform points to the most interesting interchanges that can exist, I had some time without accessing the decentralized exchange of Bitshares , my biggest surprise is that it was updated with tradingview is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website

bitshares chart.jpg

I invite you to register bitshares or other decentralized system you can also investigate, platforms that work in the blockchain network of Bitshares, is quite complete and also complex and invested a lot of time to understand its operation

Bitshares buy and sell SBD AND STEEM

the only thing that takes me a bit away from the platform of Bitshares is that I have a bad internet and the nodes fall often, what prevents me from trading on occasion.

My account in Bitshares #jos3lider

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Bitshares is good to use even if your internet connection is bad just assign a different node.

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Lokks good. Im looking forward to getting on bitshares.