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Bitshares is superior to other exchanges because it uses BitUSD which has no human liability and is decentralised.
But this advantage means little if our BitUSD is not available to buy in quantity near the peg.

A liquid asset is cash on hand or an asset that can be readily converted to cash. An asset that can readily be converted into cash is similar to cash itself because the asset can be sold with little impact on its value.

We need to make BitUSD a liquid asset. But how?

1.) Focus on BitUSD
We must concentrate trading activity on BitUSD.
There is no point trying to make all our smartcoins liquid assets at the same time as this spreads trades thinly across many markets.
The number of trade tabs on Openledgers GUI has been reduced which is great but the OBITS one still needs to be removed.

2.) Simplify borrowing of BitUSD
Make it more intuitive to borrow BitUSD by adding borrow as an action next to the BitUSD. (update: @svk has now implemented this)

3.) BitUSD:OPEN.USDT market
The best way to show people BitUSD is worth 1 USD is to create a market where BitUSD trades against a bearer asset that is worth 1 USD. That would be USDT (see
Bearer asset = Doesn't need to be kept in a named account.
I am trying to kick start the BitUSD:OPEN.USDT market with $1000 buy and sell walls and a 6% spread. Please take advantage of them or add some orders yourself. This market pair is easy for anyone to be a market maker in because both assets have the same face value meaning you don't have to trust bot software because orders don't need updating

4.) Maker / Taker model.
This is a model that incentivises people to put up orders for other people to take.
if you take orders off the orderbook you pay more. If you make orders on the order book you pay less. (trade fees)
I personally think at this stage the maker taker model won't help much and will be a lot of effort to implement. there is lower hanging fruit to be had first.

Bots are bits of software that do automated trading, most trades that happen in the world today are done by bots. These bots are configured by their human owners to do stuff like abitrage or market making. These are essential to liquidity on the dex and their importance is underestimated .
Any coder can create a bot and let others use the software. @xeroc created a bot in python that is available here:[url=][/url]
But if you're not a developer you can use this web based bot system created by @alt
If thats too hard for you see point number 3.) again.

6.) Distribute BitUSD

Getting even small amounts of bitUSD in to users hands familiarises them with it and even if they dump it thats still adding trades to the market.
The idea of getting more bitusd out there is a good one and has been discussed many times on this forum. Who to and how is the tricky bit.

As a dividend to shareholders or Lifetime Members:,23706.msg301767.html
To pay worker proposals and witnesses:,23028.0.html
Just create Bitusd using from the reserve pool via a worker proposal and then sell at peg:,22935.0.html

I have also posted this on the forum:,23761.0.html


so borrowing at 2x collateral and hold would help?

Liquidity is a big problem with smartcoins, I think that the 200% collateral is a big part of the problem, maybe bitshares should copy the SBD model?.. I think SBD is very liquid right now and the peg is being strong trough January.

If you use is only 175% collateral.
The SBD method of pegged coins leaves the debt with the blockchain not traders which has issues of its own.