How to withdraw your BitShares from Bittrex

in bitshares •  last year

As lots of people have been asking I've made this quick video to show how to withdraw your Bitshares from bittrex

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Awesome video, thank you!

Not many would value this information, but as for me, you have done me real good advantage by sharing this,
Info added to my memory bank, this is indeed thoughtful of you. Weldone @johnnybitcoin

Hi Jonnybitcoin. I've done everything and still can't get my bitshares to withdraw from bittrex. Bittrex said my account has not been verified by the blockchain. So, how the hell does one do that?
My account says it's been registered on open ledger for 8-days.


Can you think of any reason that address wouldn't work?
Can you think of any way​ to get this account functional?
Thanks in advance!