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How to get your free BEOS

in bitshares •  6 months ago 

Can you please confirm the known exchange accounts will be barred from participating in the raindrop?

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If they want to transfer their BTS holdings like everyone else, they should be able to receive their BEOS tokens. This is not an airdrop, so mechanics are different. If it WERE an airdrop, I would bar them, however this is not the case.

They would have to transfer their accounts to BEOS which seems unlikely.

Heck if all the exchanges transferred their BTS to lock them up for BEOS, imagine how the price of BTS would sky rocket. This raindrop idea is great because if you want the token you have to lock up your BTS, and to do so over time. I am no expert, but I assume exchanges wouldn't want to hold and lock up mass quantities of BTS, especially when I have to assume this bear market is literally almost over (considering past trends).