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On several occasions I have written about bitUSD:

As a recently elected BitShares committee member, I am committed to helping the BTS ecosystem function according to the wishes of stakeholders. Cryptoassets and smart contracts (bitusd is both) are both new and complex. I don't claim to be an expert (there are few if any real experts at this point in this burgeoning industry). I am learning everyday. That is why I ask your input/thoughts on bitusd.

Do you use bitUSD? If so how? Do you appreciate the sub-3-second confirmation times? Do you wish you could use it outside of crypto trading or are you satisfied with bitusd simply as a trading alternative to tether?

What do you value in a stable coin? A liquid market? A closer nominal peg to fist USD? Are you happy so long as bitUSD stays out of global settlement?

I want to hear from every BitShares account holder. If you don't already have one (it's free to set up) consider using my referral link:

Assets like bitusd are a huge value proposition for the BitShares network. BitShares is five years old but we're working every day to improve the network and beat the competition. Thanks for your time and consideration.




Hello, my friend! It is good to see you back.

It has been a long and eye-opening journey through Ecuador and Colombia. How have you been??

I trusted it a lot for a long time, and generally still do.

But as you mention the global settlement has me worried, so much that I'm afraid to even borrow any bitUSD anymore, because the bots will always go below margin call prices.

So to me it seems that borrowing should be a bit safer, and the global settlement shouldn't be allowed to be triggered by one account. Potentially an account that is harmful or maybe a badly programmed bot.

Bitshares is still my favourite in the cryptoworld, so I'm still looking forward to the future with it!

Blockchain is a market based Exchange

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Good to see you back John, look forward to checking out more on your trip soon - as for bitusd, trust in it and believe in it for a long time, very happy to see guys like you on committee so it may continue. it could sure do with more businesses on-board to use it in a regulated fashion to increase the volume. There has to be endless trade cases for it over in good 'ol USA... :)

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