Bit20 / Twentix status report: 10/21/20

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Dear sir or madam,

The Bit20 smart coin (smart contract) was created on the BitShares blockchain more than five years ago. Since inception it has operated continuously without a single point of failure, qualifying as a D.O. – a decentralized organization. For those who may not know, the Bit20 asset is programmed to represent a market capitalization weighted index of the top 20 blockchain projects.

On the 21st day of every month, a calculating script calls several APIs and runs an algorithm to create a new market weight composition. By this process, the contract seeks to represent the value of the most promising coins – or at least as perceived by the investing public. Some coins appear in the index and others disappear. Some of them gain share weight and other lose weight. This new composition substitutes for the previous one without any disturbance of the index price.

We have run this operation yesterday. Here is the new composition of the Twentix Index Fund:

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 7.50.47 AM.png

Status report:
Both TWENTIX & BTWTY remain in global settled state. This means new token supply is disabled temporarily. Revival event will occur with some combination of BTS collateral appreciation or sufficient BTS bids on the outstanding supply of BTWTY or TWENTIX, respectively.

• In August estefantt did transfer operational responsibilities to johnr -
• In September BTS 5.0 ushered in the constant product AMM smart contract operation. Pleased to announce the first pool on BitShares (pool i.d. 1.19.0) is between TWENTIX & BTS. GUI tools for exchanging with the pools are upcoming. Meanwhile, find the freely trading pool share token on BitShares DEX under the ticker symbol TWENTIX.BTSPOOL. As a special thank you, the top 10 holders of TWENTIX have received promotional pool share tokens.
• In September we added a TWENTIX feed producer: piga-mifupa. Accepting additional nominations for feeders.

For the latest developments drop in to the Bit20 Telegram channel: image.png

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