CITADEL - new BitShares gateway dedicated to anonymity

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Hello, Steem community.

You guys all already know what BitShares is, so our regular news post about the benefits of decentralized exchanges wouldn't apply.

Therefore, let's cut to the chase. CITADEL is a new gateway (similar to OpenLedger or BlockTrades), with all the regular bells and whistles.

We host bitshares-ui webwallet, we have a full witness node, we have a gateway with our UIAs.

At the moment, there's only 1 coin - Monero - with more to come online later. So, XMR fans, you can finally trade XMR on BitShares.

But there's much more.

The most important thing we want to bring is our strong dedication to privacy and anonymity. Please read our manifesto on the website, it's quite telling.

To that end, we offer a BitShares witness node running as TOR hidden service; all our APIs accessible as TOR hidden services too.

We also bring you new BitShares desktop client, which deserves its own thread. http://citadel2miawoaqw.onion/


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We also bring you new BitShares desktop client, which deserves it's own thread.
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I tried the service through the Web UI yesterday, and my CITADEL.MONERO do not show up in the BitShares account I used. I used CITADEL as the gateway, sent well over the minimum, and nothing happened. I have all of the transaction details from the Monero GUI wallet if you need them (transaction ID, proof of payment, etc.). I appreciate any help that you can provide. Thank you.

I cannot recommend using CITADEL. It's been 10 days, and I've tried reaching out on every forum to reach someone about my attempt to get XMR on the bitshares exchange using citadel. There's been zero response from anyone connected to the project. Enjoy the half an XMR I sent you (or whatever blackhole address it's ended up in). See my previous post.

This post is ~1 year old, so I assume this has been resolved since then, but just in case, please ping me.

niice i googles bitshares monero gateway... found this... was wondering if bitshares was a popular way for people to anonymously buy monero... just remembered @blocktrades sells monero for steem and other coins, so with anonsteem someone could make a nice tool