CITADEL Desktop - new BitShares wallet

in #bitshares3 years ago

Here's the new BitShares Desktop Wallet, brought to you by the CITADEL.

Downloads: http://citadel2miawoaqw.onion/


Some tech details:

it's written in python, and is heavily based on xeroc's python-bitshares library, it uses QT4 for the UI, so it's easily portable to OSX, Windows and Linux. I'm providing builds for the OSX and Windows versions myself, and the linux guys are supposed to use the source tarball.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions, and report bugs; this is a very RAW first version and we expect lots of failures and problems, to be honest.

However, it already has quite a lot of features, including support for BitShares BLIND TRANSFERS (yeah!).




Is this citadel the hedge fund citadel?

Nope, there's no relationship between the two.

Is voting supported within the client?

Great work thus far!

Thank you!

No, there's no voting yet, but we plan to implement all 40+ BTS operations. Since you're the first one to request any feature, I'll bump this up :)

I believe currently supported BTS ops are:

  • Account create, Account update, Account upgrade
  • Transfer, Limit Order create, Limit Order cancel
  • Transfer to blind, Blind-to-blind, Transfer from blind
  • Asset create, Asset update, BitAsset update
  • Issue asset, Burn asset, Fund fee pool
  • probably a few more I'm forgetting

Cool, thanks for the insight. Keep up the great work :)

Very excited about this project. :)) Keep up the damn fine work. We need more people like you. Thank you!