CITADEL Desktop - 0.2.0 Released

in #bitshares3 years ago

Here's the latest in the CITADEL Desktop alpha releases: http://citadel2miawoaqw.onion/desktop

Please do not hesitate to report bugs and request features, this program is being made for you :)

Qt5 Migration

This is something pretty internal, but we have jumped ship to the modern Qt library. The migration went relatively painless, but be warned of new potential interface bugs and/or crashes.

This also finally gives us proper scaling on Mac Retina displays and probably Windows HIDPI displays (haven't tested those yet).

New Wallet wizard

Previous versions of the wallet were extremely unfriendly during new wallet creation process. We have introduced a proper wizard, that can guide new users in a step-by-step manner. That same wizard can also be used to re-open recently used wallet files.


Support for new gateways


Winex seems to be partially broken those days, and their API has about 10% deviation from the baseline, which made the implementation somewhat tricky. Please do not consider this complete. We'll try to coordinate with Winex guys to improve support.


RuDEX uses their own gateway API, which we're not a fans of :) Yet, we've done what we could to bring in as much support as possible. RuDEX deposit/withdrawals should be working.

Bugfixes and upstream integration.

Our work with python-bitshares library goes on. Once again, we've merged all the latest upstream fixes. And as always, some minor bugs were found and squashed.