CITADEL Desktop - 0.1.1 Released

in #bitshares3 years ago

This is still a very early/raw version, but there are some improvements. http://citadel2miawoaqw.onion/desktop

Windows 64-bit build

It took it us long enough, but there's now a proper 64-bit build for Windows. Consequently, screenshots for this post were made in Windows 7 :)

Ability to Sweep Private Keys

There's now an easy way to sweep (revoke old, replace with new) private keys for any account. This might be useful if you're feeling your keys were compromised. However, this also gives you an ability to switch from brain-key to web-wallet-password mode for any account at will, leading to even further compatibility with cli-wallet and bitshares-ui.

WARNING: As always, make sure you've backed up your NEW Brain Key or Password before doing the sweep. If something goes wrong, you might lose access to your funds!



BitShares ecosystem gives its shareholders instruments of control over its future. If you have some BTS tokens, you are already participating! CITADEL Desktop now offers an interface into this process.


Bug fixes and upstream integration

Our core dependency - the python-bitshares library keeps evolving and we try to keep up. This release is up-to-date with bleeding edge develop branch.

There are also multiple bug fixes, chiefly among connection code; If you're using a very slow (or very remote) witness node, your connection should be much more stable.