Exciting update of BitUniverse! The 1st app to record your BTS DEX portfolio!

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Hi, all traders,

I’m happy to announce that BitUniverse just released a new version 1.3.0, which allows you to manually record your portfolios. It’s time to say goodbye to Blockfolio or Delta or other portfolio apps.
So far BitUniverse has become the world’s first and best app for recording your portfolio in BitShares DEX.

Why only BitUniverse supports BTS DEX?

Our team has developed BitShares Wallet, beginning with which we researched a lot in BitShares. Other teams usually get the data from coinmarketcap.com or some other sources, and they don’t have the ability to provide realtime, correct data by themselves.

What’s the roadmap of BitUniverse ?

BitUniverse is an all in one app, which is like your multi-assets manager. That’s why we have provided portfolio & wallet features already. In the future, we will also provide trading & news features.

How to get BitUniverse?

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bituniverse.portfolio
iOS version: Still in development. We have started several days ago.

Our telegram group: https://t.me/bituniverse
Our official twitter: https://twitter.com/bituniverse_org

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Fantastic news!!!

This was the last thing I needed before I say goodbye to Blockfolio forever.

Your app is so much more useful and beautifully designed.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to what you all can come up with next.

Kevin Messerly

P.S. Thanks for supporting the BitShares DEX community. We need all the exposure we can get.

P.P.S Could your designers help out with the design of the BitShares client wallet? I have a feeling they have some great ideas.

What a powerful tool for us all to become aware of, I had no clue this was already a thing!?. Thanks a lot for sharing the results of your dedication, we all gain from knowing of its existence. As the Bitshares environment is the most powerful platform on this planet right now, your app is literally out of this world! ;)

Namaste :)


we are waiting for another special something..

that's great...
thank's for sharing

Well done guys. Totally need and wanted. :)

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Wooww!! Good job.

Thank You. Can't wait till the iOS app comes out.


The iOS version may be published in 2 weeks. Just stay tuned!

Great to hear! Look forward to setting up my bitshares portfolio!

Great news, thanks @jeremypeng will check it out

What tips to get on this platform give someone who is starting but who has a lot of talent for photography? greetings friends <3

it's interesting

great. nice update. this will easy storage of my portfolio