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Even though the gold standard seemed to have ended in the 70s, it just went into hiding; gold is still the only accessible reserve of wealth used by the elite.


Since joining the EU, Portugal, my country, has sold, without public consent, more than half it's gold reserves, going from over 800 metric tonnes down to around 300. Portugal was number 1 on gold per citizen and number 1 on gold per square mile.


As we approach a new world reserve currency system, likely based on a basket of energy, metals and other assets, the fiat money masters (the owners of the ECB and Federal Reserve) are reorganizing the west's gold reserves, as they did in my country, to prevent any one party to have an advantage that could disrupt their control, while China, Russia, and some of the BRICS are accumulating the most they can.


Bitshares teamed up with the UPMA to create a gold-backed token (along with a silver option) that can be transfered in seconds with minimal fees, and privately and publicly audited. Along with the Bitshares exchange's smart assets, bitUSD, bitEUR, and others, the Quint is now part of the most advanced, decentralized, financial system in the world, accessible to anyone with an internet connection.


Get your hands on Quint:


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Nice Post @grandslam... Quint will be the gold 2.0

Nice post! Perhaps you should use gold and silver as tags to get more viewers and upvotes (delete graphene, technology?):)

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