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RE: Steem, BTS, and Asset Market Update 9/5 and Giveaway for 9/12

in #bitshares4 years ago

It will be great if i can win some BitShares as i think the potential of BitShares is huge and since i have the wallet for a short period of time it will be great as well to don't see the 0 at the balance...
My BitShares wallet is : georgemales-1979
Keep up the good work guys and always Steem On!


Will send you some bts sometime.
And see you now have some bitshares. :)

Thanks a lot @virtualgrowth!
I did not receive any yet... but i took action and i just brought 1000 BitShares!
Now my wallet is not empty anymore!
Now honest to be don't feel shy... if you still want to send me please do! :)
Have a great Tuesday and keep up the good work!

Thank you very much! Great to hear you got some for yourself!