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What does it mean to be the Godfather of BitShares?

Stan Larimer explains in this interview starting with he can tell us a lot of about the BitShares ecosystem… but control over it is another thing entirely. It is in fact a decentralized

Stan is certainly a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization which is indeed the definition of Godfather.

You’ll hear answers to questions like, “What sparked you to get into the industry Stan?” The 30,000 foot view gives you an idea of why Stan is so innovative in this space.

July 4th marks Stan’s 5th anniversary into the crypto space and between him and Dan Larimer, his son, the one who invented the real time blockchain, getting rid of mining among other first time innovations. Dan also says his inspiration to do what he does came from his Dad and is the visionary who created the cryptocurrency platform BitShares, was co-founder of the blockchain social platform Steemit, and is CTO of EOS, with the company

Stan’s way of celebrating his July 4th anniversary is the official launch of Quintric, where he is a Director.

There is enlightening knowledge about what is becoming known as the family dynasty; BitShares, Steemit and EOS becoming known as the family dynasty. Pick up on these notions. It will pay off.

Give it a listen, there’s crypto golden nuggets here.

Stan Interview


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Thank for update

Stan certainly has a lot of projects doesn't he?

Bitshares is rising on coinmarketcap and on
Watch and be amazed!

I'm pretty hype about Quintric right now - I'm just imagining a slogan like, "Declare your Independence". Could be cool.