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No, he can't. Neither can I find any information on terradacs or any sensible white paper. To make it complete, you turn over your voting rights to michaelx.

And yes, if you voice your concern, they ban you from the official channels. Just like Arise and later on bitcoin latina.


People with Your attitude, funkit, will simply miss out due to natural selection We''ll be left with an ownership distribution of only fair minded people who like what we are doing. This is bY design.

Voting rights are exercised by trustees, not michaelx. If you want free tokens, we are presuming that you want deep integration with bitshares and will support a proxy to support our agenda. the true cost of your free tokens is support for that agenda.

i've never banned anyone. JOHN GOTTS behavior is reprehensible. Associating him with me is just more funkit FUD.

Would you say that many are called, but few are (self)chosen? Oh, wait, you already have :-)

lol, indeed.

Well, that was not a very nice thing to say. Natural selection has served me the opportunity to spot bullshit whenever I come across it. And the bullshit detector goes off every time I hear a fictous or non-fictious piece signed by you.

Even satoshi managed to put his vision in clear text in a whitepaper. Easy for anyone to reference and form an opinion on. But not so for the Jesus chain. Where hallelujah is the consensus.

Regarding the proxy thing, you are not clear on it and want to avoid it:


So they "rely" on one man?

And who the fuck are the trustees? Are they elected? Hired? Appointed by god?

The problem here is that when the SEC wants to clamp down on anything blockchain, this is what they will look for.

My reaction is stay clear of this shenanigans. It smells power play long way and I fear it will harm my bts holdings.

Of course you don't ban anyone. When others do it for you. I never claimed it anyway.

Funkit, some of your statements were uncalled for. Plus Stan's not the kind of guy that would BS anyone. They mentioned it's a privately funded blockchain with more details to come. Just don't send your BTS if you don't like the sound of it. @stan, what's the deal with the proxy/voting thing?

Lol... have you ever heard of arise bank?

If you muttered a word of the numerous inconsistencies that sold that project, you were condemned to hell by none other than @stan himself.

Have you ever heard of the adventure bitcoin latina? Gods gift to blockchain and spearheaded by, yes you guessed it: @stan. Until it backfired.

The thing is, this is a cheap way to control substantial voting rights in bitshares. Probably a controlling interest is the goal.

My statements are designed to make you and others think. And since you obviously have not understood the real goal, it is about time you open your eyes.

This isn't a private chain, it is a theft of your voice in bitshares. If it was a clean fork, I would not have bothered.

By the way, I don't even think @stan wants to elaborate on who your vote goes to. Hence the "fictional" theme.

Glad you bring up these points. You are right, they ban people from the channels if they do not share their vision. (Note: who specifically does the banning I don't know. Multiple people have that right, but it does happen.) After BitCoin Latina and after Arise a very healthy dose of skepticism in due here. All the evidence of involvement is on on the blockchain. And that evidence speaks volumes.

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