Verbaltech2 - BitShares Witness Report - Monthly Update

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Activities for July dealt with consolidating server providers and typical monitoring and maintenance tasks. It was a month where I felt I could actually slow down and take a breath and be more involved in discussions and interact with people in the community.

I also made the decision to step down as a block producing witness on the PeerPlays project. It was a decision I have been thinking about for months. Involvement in that project was actually an important factor in getting up to speed with Docker technology, which all of my nodes now use. However, I have come to realize the project does not align with my personal objectives to further the cause of financial freedom. Specifically I have reservations about whether promoting gambling is a good use of my time to that objective. I waited to depart until the completion of the World Cup series so as not to unduly influence the Bookie Pro beta testing. It was an ideal time. For those of you who are interested in sports gambling do check out the PeerPlays project. You'll find some great people such as Taconator and Senter Reinhardt who work their tails off to help that project to succeed.

I am actually getting ready to go camping in the mountains so I have much to do for that, but don't worry, I will be in cell phone range and monitoring my nodes while I'm away. I will thus conclude this month's report with the market summary (all prices via CMC): BTC=$7,879.78, BTS=$0.19, STEEM=$1.41, EOS=$8.12, PPY=$3.24.



Gemany, node 1


Germany node 2




And the testnet server for BTS:


Your vote for witness
is greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time and attention

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