Verbaltech2 - BitShares Witness Report - Monthly Update


Work for October included updating the testnet twice and looking into various problems that surfaced, such as when my feeds went down for no apparent reason. I wasn't able to find a cause, but they have been running for several days now without issue. Continuing to keep a close eye on the logs.

I also made the decision to stop feeding BitCNY and BitUSD until after Abit and PC finish their work on the MCR bug. When that is released experimentation to optimize the feed algorithm can begin, but should be coordinated with all active witnesses. Coordination involves publishing updates to feed parameters and setting guidelines for witnesses, so we are all synchronized as each new set of parameters is pushed out. Ideally there will be one witness that acts as publisher of changes to parameters so witnesses will all "be on the same page" and know where to look for the most recent info to update their scripts. I hope more witnesses will contribute to the discussion on this thread in the forum as the MCR bug testing is competed.

I got side tracked and haven't yet got back to writing up suggestions on how witnesses and devs can systematically conduct experimentation to improve the pegs for BitUSD and BitEUR. I will update the forum after I get more familiar with Zapata's BSIP42 feed script which I recommend we use as a common test vehicle for witnesses to conduct experimentation / research with.

Once witnesses collectively decide we've optimized the script it will be up to each witness to either use it, or implement their own script or make further changes if they believe they're appropriate. After the optimized version of the script and the parameters used is published, any changes made by witnesses will be their responsibility to justify to shareholders.

From the bts_tools status page of seed06, it looks like there may be a load balancer problem affecting the load between seed05 and seed06. I will be looking into that. It may be something else, given how many connections seed06 has which look normal.

Here is the market summary since last month (all prices via CMC): BTC=$6,318.72, BTS=$0.095, STEEM=$0.795, EOS=$5.20, PPY=$0.57.



Gemany, node 1


Germany node 2




And the testnet server for BTS:


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