Bit20 - The cryptocurrency index fund

10 months ago

What is Bit20?

Bit20 is a cryptocurrency index fund.

But how exactly is it made, what are the coins in it and how can I invest in it?

I'm here to share with you this promising blockchain project and answer all your questions.

Let me start by clearing a few things. I like BitShares because it doesn´t compete against other cryptocurrencies but actually, work to unify the space by providing a decentralised exchange where everyone will be able to trade without having to sacrifice his identity or risking his money beeing goxxed.
With that said, I´m not here to speak about BitShares, I´m here to speak about Bit20 which is actually built on it.
I have been working since July 2015 on this project and I'm happy to announce that it has been finally finished.

I wanted to create a tool that allows anyone to invest in the global economic growth of cryptocurrencies without a headache. Just buy something that will track this soon economic Cambrian explosion.
This tool had to be decentralised because we all know how centralised projects dealing with money end up, especially in the cryptocurrency world.
So my team and I have created a cryptocurrency index fund (ETF like). The index includes 20 major coins, STEEM, off course is included in the index.

I want to spread the information about this index fund in the crypto community so everyone can invest in a great asset that will grow as the cryptocurrency global market grows. Not something going up and down wildly, but more something like a monster slowly waking up and devouring the fiat money markets.

I want it to be a place where you can store your value with a high probability that months later, you will still have your investment intact and a nice return on investment.

I also want to spread the word out of cryptocurrencies. My plan is to start with the cryptocurrency savvy crowd and then move on to trading forums, forex, stock markets and others. This is how I aim to make new money comes into this space. The bigger the index daily volume will grow, the easier is going to be to promote it and make people interested in crypto.

The index took almost a 2 years to be fully tested and heavily reviewed. It´s finally ready and has been officially launched on the BitShares decentralised exchange on 16/12/2016. The index is fully decentralised and every Bit20 will always be backed by a minimum of 175% of its value.

This is 100% secure, 100% decentralised, 100% pure cryptocurrency !

If you have any question, please have a look on the website at the "FAQ" and "About Bit20" tab. If you don't find what you are looking for, I'll do my best to answer in this post.

BitShares Decentralised Exchange pair (BTWTY : BTS)

Web site FAQ forum official thread forum official thread

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Trading is still very light, but gave it a try and placed a buy bid on the Bitshares DEX


The market was born Friday. I was expecting even less trading than that !

There is already about 300,000 BTS in the buy side of the market ^^

Awesome !
Keep up the great work 👍


Thanks man ! I'll do ;)

Congrats on launching


Thanks Jonny ;)

Congrats @estefantt.

Upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks man ;p

Is this fund managed through Bitshares? Does this essentially eliminate any management fees? It sounds like a pretty interesting concept. If the ROI can consistently reach 5% - 7% annually, it'll be better than most investments in the traditional stock markets. The crypto world expects everything to go moon overnight, but I'd be happy with 7% annually.


Its a decentralized asset, the price feed is reported by witnesses and its creation depends upon people who decide to short the asset.. it is a pretty amazing concept.

The only possible hurdle would be finding people willing to short it, BTS needs to go up in order for this asset to have liquidity.


Chitty has cover the the question, thanks man !

If you have a look on the website (, you'll see that we have been collected data with this index before going live for about 1 year and half. The ROI is much MUCH higher than 5% - 7% annually. We almost had 200% in 18 months ;p


Yeah, that's definitely impressive. The question is - can this be maintained year over year? If so, that would be quite remarkable and should attract a ton of investment in the future.

Either way - if it's beating 5-7% annual returns, it's better than most of what Wall Street can do. A 7% annual return will double your initial investment in 10 years. At 200%? That could be full retirement in a couple of years - if you're willing and able to take the risk.


The index fund aim to represent globally the evolution of the cryptocurrency and blockchain projects markets (Not only Bitcoin). These markets are doing great, lots of smaller projects have rised these last months.
I expect it will continue has long has cryptocurrencies have territory to gain over fiat money markets. There is still a gigantic space for improvement and I'm expecting to see cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects evolve just like the last big new technology waves did (personal computer, internet, smartphones, ...). We have still 10 promising years in front of us ;)


I hope you're right - and I'll definitely look into this and see if I can come up with something to put into the fund. It's certainly worth a shot, in my opinion. Thanks for the post!


you're very welcome sir ;)

Nice. i will look in to it.


Be careful, you may be seduced ...

very interesting


Indeed ^^

Thank you. This is an awesome initiative and accomplishment!


Thank you !
Once upon a time a project called Bit20 and new market opening its doors ...


I would absolutely invest in this

Oooo. Nice. Something like Satoshi*Pie, also on BitShares. :-)


Not really the same beast but they may have some similitudes. Satoshi Pie is a great project also !

Excellent @estefantt! BTWTY had also been added on our Featured Markets at Web Wallet powered by the latest release of Bitshares 2.0 ...


Thanks Compumatrix, it looks nice with its token style logo ;)

Congratulation @estefantt for launching this great tool for the crypro community. So how does this differ from what ICONOMI is building? Bit20 is back 175% of his value. Does it means back by BTS? Thks


I'm not very familiar with their project but it seems that ICONOMI is a decentralised platform. Bit20 is not a platform, it's a cryptocurrency index fund build on a platform. Bit20 is a new market where you can borrow, short, buy and sell BTWTY (Bit20 asset representing the cryptocurrency index fund).

Great work Estefan! Finally its out. I will try it out and get some Bit20!


I hope you can get some for a good price ! The market is actually trading over its calculated price, which is a good sign because traders are expecting it to grow ;)

My positive vote :)


Thumb up !

Keep up the good work. By the way why there is no possibility to resteem this?

I followed and upvoted you. Please follow, comment and upvote back. Thanks!

Wow fascinating I'd never heard of bunching the cryptos together before. A share is over $43,000 dayum.

Hi @estefantt , how to you keep the overcollateralization at 175%? you have to use your own capital to do that, am I correct? Did you set it up as a Bitshares Privatized BitAsset? Or as a Smartcoin?

Is it fully decentralised or are you the central issuer? In this second case did you set-up a control process multisig with witnesses?

Thank you very much for the post and for the great work! I think this may be very interesting a not so distant future!