My experience upgrading for Bitshares X version to Bitshares 2.0 (Instructions Included)

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I was an original investor in Invictus from the beginning. Had the pleasure of speaking with Dan and Stan at a bitcoin conference in Atlanta. I participated in the ProtoShares launch, Angel Shares donations, etc. Although the instructions I posted below may work for most people, they did not entirely work for me. Unfortunately, I was only able to claim 5% of my Bitshares balance in 0.9.3c in the new Bitshares 2.0 wallet. I would appreciate help from experts in the Bitshares community to help me recover my funds.

My wallet was backed up using version I followed instructions to upgrade it to 0.9.3c. Thanks to

for providing some instructions to help me to the point I am.

Migration to BitShares 2.0 - Incorrect Balances - "Know How",20822.0.html

Balance Missing Because of Old Wallet File,9194.30.html

Funds Disappeared V 0.9

I had to tweak the instructions a little because of how old my wallet was. I upgraded incrementally from to 0.53 then to 0.62. From 0.62 I upgraded directly to 0.9.3c

Looking forward to your suggestions to recover the 95% of my BTS still stuck in my old wallet.

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Same problem here, have tried everything available on the wiki and every suggestion I;ve seen in forum and am constantly hitting walls.
Have priv keys, have wallet backups, have password but it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get anything to work.

Feeling very disappointed in Invictus leaving their original investors high and dry not able to access their funds like this.

Needs dev attention immediately.


Hopefully someone would see this posting and offer some help. I saw where @xeroc was offering a service charging 10% of recovered funds (no max). This is great, but could be a steep charge depending on your BTS balance.


Devs seem to find it hilarious that their initial investors are having problems getting their funds


Fav is not a dev.


@junglist if you need help I could help you now. I can help you claim your Bitshares and Muse ( you need to get moving on this). Or you can try to reach fluxer555 on .

Hit me up and I can see where you are stuck at.


Thanks for the offer. I got help from fluxer555 at

Who knew you needed to run a client to claim bitshares? I understood that if you sent bitcoin to protoshares then it would be honored in the genesis block. I never looked into it any further. Do I have any shot at redeeming my shares?


Yes you can. You can get help from fluxer555 in If you can't reach him I can help you now since I fully understand the process. And the process is not that simple and takes time.


Could you please write the outline of process? I have a very old bitsharesx wallet which is 3 years old, and I'm try to fix it.