Lykke Exchange to integrate Bitshares for FIAT withdrawal with your bitUSD

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Good news everyone, as of now, Blockchain Projects BV are working to integrate Bitshares into Lykke exchange to revolutionize how we use SMART ASSETS like bitUSD. This project enables bitUSD holders the means to exchange their bitUSD into FIAT(USD) without the use of Bitcoin.

Read the news on the given link below

SMART ASSETS like bitUSD and bitCNY are assets that are backed with Bitshares for atleast 1.75 of USD or CNY value, this is to make sure that every smart assets holds it's value even when there's price movements on the market.

Click the link below to see the list of exchanges that are currently offering bitUSD on their exchange.

For more information about Lykke Exchange, here's their official website

Lykke exchange will also include Bitshares as one of their core exchange on their platform,


This is awesome, I invested in Lykke at the ICO. Great to see them make the right choices ! 😎


Thank you @tatchcapital! Congrats! This will do good for both platforms.

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