Lykke Exchange to add Bitshares as one of their core trading pair on their exchange

in bitshares •  8 months ago


Good news every Bitshares holders. Lykke Exchange will soon list Bitshares as one of their core trading pairs on their exchange. Lyke is a Swiss based exchange. Yesterday Lykke announce that they will add Bitshares on their exchange to be paired with BTC, USD, EUR and more to be added.

For more information about their announcement you can check their announcement by simply clicking the link below.

Lykke are also available on playstore and appstore for apple devices for android devices

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Good to see more exposure of Bitshares. Always a good move to increase it's value and liquidity.


More will surely add bitshares more over if centralize exchanges adds bitUSD on their exchanges.

Well, they could hurry now because it would really be good if they stopped the fall a bit.


Drop will only stop when bears are gone.

Great news, amazing post, thanks for sharing

Useful and informative post thank you dear friend @docmastery

interesting information .. thanks

news are increase our knowledge @docmasrey thanks for shareing this

This is interesting.... Thanks!