Looking for Sponsors for Christmas Carol Contest

in bitshares •  11 months ago


Hello Steemit friends, since Christmas is knocking in our doorsteps I would like to host a competition where a Steemian or group of Steemians will sing a Christmas Carol song to bring the spirit of Christmas to Steemit Community.

How will this competition works

  • Contestants should upload a video of him/her or them singing a Christmas Carol song.
  • The contestant/contestants with most upvotes in him/her post will be the winner.
  • Video should consist of one Christmas Carol.
  • Contestant should use the tag #steem-carol.
  • One entry per account.

Dividing the pot prize

  • The first runner up will receive 50% of the total prize pot.
  • Second runner up will receive 30% of the total prize pot.
  • Third runner up will receive 20% of the total prize pot.

After a week I will post about the competition and every contestant can now join by sending their post link on that post.

For those who wanted to sponsor this competition feel free to comment below. I will update this post so everyone can see how much will be the accumulated prize pot for the contest. Be sure to resteem this post to reach as many Steemians as possible. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas!

Your Bitshares Enthusiast,
Nem Dayao

Thanks to @orelmely for the GIF image
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