Japan closing doors to Tether holders

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Twitter news page BTCNewsUpdates tells that people residing in Japan will halt all Tether trading.

See post HERE. All USDT trading will be halted due to Tether are going to be regulated in Japan. It will be a major blow for Tether margin traders that are residing in Japan.


Best alternative for USDT

The best alternative for Tethers are Bitshares smart assets like bitUSD, bitEURO, bitCNY and so on. These smart assets are sure to hold their perspective value. They are available on some Centralized Exchanges, but I suggest trading them at the Bitshares DEx.


Here's a list of exchanges that uses bitUSD as trading pair on their exchanges

Bitshares DEX



As for me, I don't trust tether. They never had an public audit which makes me wonder do they really have that many USD on their bank(s)? Or the real question is, is there really a bank in the first place?


Japan always seems to be ahead of the rest, the rest of the world tends to follow.

great news :)

They actually care for their people. Unlike other countries that blames crypto when investors losses their money from pumps and dumps cycle.

Good news for BitShares and BitUSD :D

BTCNewsUpdates Bitcoin Cash (BCH) News tweeted @ 02 Mar 2018 - 10:40 UTC

Breaking: Kraken to Stop USDT (Tether) Trading for Japan Residents.

We expect regulators are behind this. Japan is… twitter.com/i/web/status/9…

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even many economic publications, not particularly going into details, considered the USDT is the same(or )equal) to the US dollar , bitfinex these are the artificial price increases

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