AriseBank were raided by the FBI

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AriseBank was raided because of the work "Bank" in the name? Almost all assets where taken by the authorities for safe keeping. After seizing almost all assets the AriseBank team was immediately released. For more information about this you can listen to the recorded audio clip about what happened.

FLV file:

MP3 file:

There are tons of real scammers out there and the SEC decided to focus on AriseBank alone? This only proves how much they wanted to stop AriseBank from launching but they can only instill fear to investors and the team. They cannot stop AriseBank from launching, it maybe a long bumpy road for AriseBank but everything will be okay once all the proper papers are presented to the SEC. For the meantime, we can do nothing but to wait for the team to give proper announcement this coming Monday as they promised.

I believe Jared Rice Sr. and the rest of AriseBank team. They will continue and fight, this is just the beginning they will never stop until AriseBank will is shattered. For all the supporters of AriseBank out there, we need to give our full support to AriseBank team specially at times like these. We will continue the fight for our freedom, the government wants us back to their slaves who forcefully works for small cuts that can only give us the basic needs we wanted in life.

I will stand up for AriseBank team. Because of this attack, it only proves how big AriseBank will be after it established it's foundation solid into the grounds. Support AriseBank!

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Wow this is big news, looking forward to seeing how all of this plays out. @docmastery


Blockchain technology can never be stop by the Governments. It will slows down AriseBank but they can never stop it from launching.

I stand and support arisebank till eternity


Thank you! They can't seize those assets because not all the contributions are from US. As for example I contributed and residing here in the Philippines. Everything will go back to normal but not that fast. This is a major step back for every AriseBank contributors but they can never stop AriseBank from launching.


As i think in near future all bank have their own crypto coins... and this time our world chamge own mind..... @docmastery keep in mind my words for future.

very nice post...

I'm just hoping @fbi bans food banks. Any any other slanderous banking wannabe. Only the finest are reserved the name bank. Even if your crypto business is separate from your remittance/US business

One wonders, who is next? Bitpay, perhaps? The so called deep state is growing ever more desperate as we, the (fed up) people continue to push back.