Report on smart assets Derivatives for Nasdaq and NYSE Shares by BITSHARES №4

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Report on smart assets Derivatives for Nasdaq and NYSE Shares by BITSHARES №4

This report will give you information about the number of holders of smart assets "Derivatives for shares of Nasdaq and NYSE"
The report also includes information on the margin position for all smart assets and trading volume for the week.
Also in the report are published news and observations for the last week


  • In the first quarter, Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway bought an astounding 75 million shares of Apple. That adds to the 165.3 million shares Berkshire already owned at the end of 2017.

With the smart asset APPLECOM you can buy and sell Apple's shares on the Bitshares Exchange. Smart assets are a derivative for the shares of Nasdaq and NYSE. Feeds are broadcast every 15 minutes.

  • The escrow-bts account continues to send out 0.00001 smart assets to popularize derivatives trading.

  • Derivatives-dex offer a payment of 250 BTS per month to any account, for publish of feeds for smart assets Derivatives for shares
    Payment for the production ahead after the successful launch of publication of feeds
    More here….


  • On average, the number of owners for all smart assets increased by 15 percent

  • The smart assets AMAZONCOM and APPLECOM are Max force settle vol -100%. This will allow you to instantly earn on the deviation of the market price of a smart asset from the price settle.

                                     Collateral (BTS)

Discussion of smart assets Derivatives for Nasdaq and NYSE Shares takes place at the forum Bitsharestalk
If you want to publish feeds for smart assets - Nasdaq and NYSE shares, please specify the name of the account here ( and you will be added to the white list for feeds.

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