Bitshares - Relax on the Bitshares Blockchain / Graphic Design #2

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Bitshares - Relax on the Bitshares Blockchain / Graphic Design #2

Here my second Bitshares related design for free usage... Share wherever you want !

Hier mein zweites Bitshares bezogenes Design zur freien Verwendung... Teile es wo immer du willst !

Mail-Anhang 2.jpeg

The background image is used from:

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Hah, psychodelic color palette and Buddhism/Meditation with BitShares on top!

@dalexx - if you can redo this image in following way I would be asking for one wallet background integration for it:

  1. Do Invert Colors only on the background.
  2. Place BitShares logo on top and use "Difference" effect on layer set to 75-85% (You'll see where we go from there)
  3. relax with the BitShares blockchain (keep capitol always on "B" and first "S" - we are a brand)
  4. Need 1600px+ image size

Can do ?


Thx for Feedback and ideas of redesign. I will try bro and let you know...


bts meditation2.jpg

hahaha a very zen logo dude!!

we need some relaxation after all the brokenledger stress from this week man