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RE: "Refund400k" - Not 'Refunding' but rather burning/destroying 400k BTS/day?! Disproven! It is refunding the reserve pool.

in #bitshares3 years ago

Don't panic.

This here:

"worker": [
        "total_burned": "13172141776315"

means that it's a refund worker. The '0' above refers to the worker type, and as you can see from , worker type 0 is a refund worker.

As you can also see at , the refund_worker counts its refund volume in a member called 'total_burned', which is of course misleading.

Oh, and IMO it would be nice of you if you declined the payout from this post, because you're spreading FUD...


I do not view this post as fud by any means, I do see if as a massive miscommunication in past threads though.

Worker proposals should be far more documented in the future to avoid any further confusion/miscommunication; voters shouldn't have to compile the cli wallet nor dig through code to decipher a worker proposal.

The OP has been changed to reflect the recent findings.

I dont think this was done out of FU. More so panic if anything.

CM has been doing a lot of digging around while making BSIPs for Bitshares... you guys have that in common and i yhink cm was considering a black swan revival process

To be fair, I had a good few drinks and wrote the thread up at 5/6am since I was unable to get a straight answer in telegram. Lessons learned though, no steemit after 4am or past the 4th drink haha! (Plus obviously post this kind of content to bitsharestalk instead of steem in the future).

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